Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well sadly Lucy's neutrophils were too low for her to have her bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture on Monday - well they were as low as you can get - 0! I thought it was a little optimistic to book her in but I suppose if she had happened to have recovered quickly it would have been good to get it over with.

Oh well. It's been put off until 5 January 2011. Between now and then we will have a little break from the hospital, except for the Christmas Party on Thursday, which is nice as I'm finding it harder and harder to go there. So many kids just look so unwell, and it's just hard to be there. I'm very grateful for some lovely friends and my lovely mum who often accompany me on clinic visits. Very much appreciated.

Lucy is well, but continuing in her no drinking phase. Since weaning in the middle of her treatment, Lucy has shown no interest in any kind of liquid or any mode of delivery thereof. Any ideas for getting her to drink? At the moment she just has lots of water or milk added to her food! She seems to be ok, but with less hair her depressed fontanel (gap between plates in a baby's skull which closes over gradually) is really obvious and makes me feel a bit guilty (it's often taken as a sign of dehydration)! Mmmm.

I had a great night last night with some friends at the U2 concert at ANZ Stadium. Much screaming and singing. Good therapy really and made me feel a bit young and carefree for a few hours. And today was Jasmine's last day of pre-school. We got to enjoy a great performance of the kids' favourite songs. Jasmine's 'mean' facial expressions during "Shane & Josh".... "were the meanest partners the world has ever seen" were just priceless. Next stop big school...

Here's Lucy's latest trick - crawling - not the best video but it gives the idea. She's still a bit froggy with the legs but she's getting there!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Still standing - thanks for your thoughts and prayers, we are deeply grateful.

Lucy is doing well - no fevers, platelets look to be recovering and haemoglobin stable. She will hopefully have her final bone marrow biopsy on Monday (if her blood results are good enough), and then assuming all is clear will be on the list to have her central line removed and she will just have fortnightly or monthly checkups!

She's also really taken off with crawling this week which is a great joy - both for her and the rest of us. She's very pleased with herself, and it's been a great diversion. Will try and get some video to post....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Home again

Hopefully this is the last time that we'll have to say this.... Round 6 of chemo is finished and Lucy's temperatures have subsided meaning we were allowed out this afternoon. Now we just have to watch and wait for Lucy's blood counts to fall and then recover again. Once recovered she will have a final bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture to check that everything is clear, and then we will move to a programme of monitoring to ensure that the disease doesn't return. I'm hoping the central line will be removed sometime during January

So it hopefully goodbye to Camperdown Ward.....

Lucy during the last round of chemo

with the lovely John and Dianne - not sure who enjoyed their visits more...

signing out for what we hope is the last time...

It's a good feeling to know the chemo side of things is finished, but at present I cannot honestly say there is any feeling of excitement. We still have to go very regularly for checks and then waiting for the final result. After that I suppose you learn how to live with the possibility of a relapse.

This whole process and life in general has taken it's toll on us. Physically, emotionally, everything. And yet I know that "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength" (Phil 4:13). I am deeply deeply grateful to our beautiful friends who through their words, actions and prayers God has used and is using to keep me standing. I'm also continually amazed and thankful to learn of people who I barely know or don't know at all who have been praying for us every day. Thank you so much. Such a wonderful expression of our fellowship in Christ and I feel privileged to be your sister and look forward to meeting you - either in this life or the one to come!

I don't know what the coming months and years will hold but know that I do not face them alone. God himself promises never to leave us, and in his kindness gives us each other to help carry each other's burdens, laugh and rejoice with each other and cry with each other. Personally I'm looking forward to a little more laughing and rejoicing.......

Friday, November 26, 2010

We have a tooth! FINALLY after a long wait I noticed a little tooth is tentatively poking through Lucy's gum today. The other girls are very excited about this development and are keen to inspect. I'm pretty sure they will be disappointed. I'm always astounded at how long the little teeth take to fully emerge once they erupt.

Lucy was a bit happier today although spiked a fever again this afternoon. Hopefully it's just the chemo that is causing the fevers rather than an infection. It was only very mild and she was only a little bit grumpy this time. Still eating ok so that's good.

I've been reminded this week that although God doesn't promise us many things we think we'd like him to, one thing he does promise is that he'll never leave us. We are truly never alone. And as I read a children's version of Psalm 139 to Lucy today, I was reminded that every day of our lives is written in his book. It doesn't necessarily make the day easier, it's just good it's not a surprise to the God who made and loves us and promises not to leave us.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Finally back at the hospital today after a number of days away. Lucy was going well but today has spiked a fever and has been a bit sad. Also struggling a bit with some pain in her gut. Otherwise ok, and at least one 'benefit' of her feeling yukky is that I get lots of cuddles!

Enjoyed a lovely visit with Karin today - thanks for coming Karin and to Baden for minding the kids! Love you heaps.

Sadly Lucy has decided that it's party time now as she's had some panadol and feeling a whole lot better than she did before. Here's hoping for a good night's rest for everyone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well we're back in hospital and Lucy is hooked up with her last round of chemo. She was a little off yesterday, but otherwise going well. I am a bit sick with a cough and croaky voice meaning I can't be at the hospital right now - especially as we are sharing a room with a very sick little girl who really has no immune system - so Adam is there with Lucy. I haven't seen Lucy for over 24 hours and I'm missing her. Her little growly noise that she's been perfecting lately, her gorgeous cuddles and her smiley face. Such a treasure!

The other girls are going along well at home so thanks for your prayers for them too. I appreciate your prayers and support and love so very much, and more than ever right now.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well it's the last round of chemo coming up, probably starting on Sunday or Monday. Lucy has continued to be well and her bloods have recovered well so she is good to go.

Despite this good news it's been a rough week. We are struggling and it feels like the wheels are all falling off. If you pray please pray for us....

"Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." (2 Cor 4:16-18)

In these days where my troubles can seem far from light and momentary, but rather heavy and unending, I am trying to rest on the sure promises of God and fix my eyes on what is unseen. So glad that he is holding onto us all and watching over our lives. My life. Adam's life. And the lives of our girls. Your life too.

Psalm 121
A song of ascents.

1 I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

3 He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;
4 indeed, he who watches over Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.

5 The LORD watches over you—
the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
6 the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.

7 The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well here she is with her new look. Still happy, and dribbly! There seems to be a crazy amount of dribble going on - surely this must mean teeth or something!! The worst of it is that she often dribbles so much that it soaks through her top and all over the gauze dressing meaning I have to redo it. Oh well, worse things have happened....

Like Adam being away all week again! He's still stuck in Mudgee, although thankfully the issues he has been trying to sort out have finally been resolved. Thanks to a big pothole his car is less than happy - the cab on the back of the ute actually came right off and apparently there were a whole lot of awful noises and things falling off. I didn't feel hopeful that he would come home today when he said "well I can drive straight....". Mmmm, hopefully roadworthy by the morning so he can limp home to be properly repaired.

We have been going quite well this week despite being on our own - today Jasmine enjoyed her 3rd and final orientation visit to school. She's got the uniform and quite keen on wearing it at every opportunity. We also really enjoyed catching up with the lovely Chapmans today, as well as an afternoon with the Noakes yesterday. Thanks for making the days fun ones lovely friends!

Lucy is still well, and her blood counts have recovered nicely, although we are putting off the next round of chemo a bit as her white cell count is not quite high enough and because Adam and his parents are both going away next week. Hopefully we will get in next weekend to start this final round of treatment. Almost there!....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Well it was lovely to see the sun again today, especially after a pretty flat week. Feels a bit like we've hit a wall recently, but trying to look forward to the end of treatment. Technically Lucy is due to start the next (and last!) round of treatment on Thursday, but it's unlikely that her neutrophil count will be high enough meaning the treatment will be delayed.

Adam has had to go back to Mudgee today to fix up some faulty gear, and smooth some ruffled feathers. Grrrrrrr. Girls are a bit put out that he is away again, so please pray for them and for me as we get through the next few days. Not back to the hospital till Wednesday - it's nice to have a little longer away from the place although Lucy does keep threatening to take us back with temperatures staying in the mid 37's. Just as long as it doesn't go higher little girl!

Hope you got to enjoy the sun today before the storm!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scraping by

Well just scraping by this week.

Adam has been away and his trip has even had to be extended a night! Mum came to help on Monday, and after a trip to the clinic on Tuesday we headed to Killara for 2 nights with the wonderful Burkes. Home today for school orientation for Jasmine and Early Intervention with Lucy. Miss Lucy certainly knows her mind, and was seriously objecting to being encouraged to move and do things in the way the physio wanted her to move rather than her own way!

Lucy has now lost pretty much all her hair, which has been surprisingly difficult. I'll get a picture of her and her new 'do' soon - we haven't had the camera out much this week. We feel like it makes her look a bit younger, and it is probably better in the long run as her hair was getting a bit patchy. Anyway, it's a bit of an obvious, in your face reminder of what's been happening and that yes, she had leukaemia and we're giving her chemotherapy. Things we always knew of course, but she never looked like the other kids in the hospital with their baldy heads, so maybe subconsciously I didn't really consider her part of the 'club'. Going to the clinic on Tuesday made me realise in a new way that she really is in the same club.

It feels kind of silly to say all this, but I just keep learning that even if you know something is going to happen (or even likely to happen), you can never quite prepare for how you'll react when reality hits. Trying to learn to roll with the punches a little more and not be freaked out by my own reactions or anyone elses.....

More photos will come soon....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soggy sausages

Sorry for the gap between posts... just couldn't get here this week.

We are fine - Lucy is well, with no fevers so we have thankfully been at home.

In an effort to avoid the troop of 'trick or treater's' who invariably knock on our door on October 31 only to be disappointed, this afternoon we headed to Bronte beach for an evening bbq. We had thought to have a little walk along the Bondi to Bronte walk and see some of Sculptures by the Sea, but ended up being all a bit late. Anyway, all was going well (despite lots of traffic on the way!) with much fun at the playground, and Madeline especially enjoying chasing birds.
Bit of a fun (for Lucy) swing which was probably a little close to the sand for a girl in her situation (ie with a central line and dressing!).

However, just as we started to bbq the heavens opened! Poor old Adam faithfully cooked the sausages in the rain whilst we girls huddled in a shelter. What a man!

So we didn't get to see any sculptures, but I think the girls enjoyed it anyway.

Lucy has started to lose her hair again (which she hasn't since the first cycle of chemo) and I am finding that quite hard. Though I've always known it could happen I think I got quite used to the idea that it wouldn't. She lost a fair bit at the beginning, but was never even close to bald, and lately it has all been growing back quite well. Maybe it's the different drug she had this time, but it looks like she will lose a fair bit :(

Adam is away a couple of nights this week, so your prayers would be appreciated - both that Lucy would stay well and that I would cope alright, and that Adam would be safe. I am finding things at home to be hard work, especially with a certain pair of girls who are 3 and 5 respectively! Anyone got any foolproof methods to stop sibling arguing (esp at 6am!). We are all weary and at times overwhelmed, so please pray we would persevere and hold onto God's unchanging grace and trust in his faithful goodness.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A rare event

Mmmm, temperature of 37.8 this evening.... Hoping that it goes down overnight, otherwise we're back in hospital! And after a good blood result today showing her platelets to be up a little bit, avoiding the need for a transfusion, that would be disappointing.

I thought I'd better take some photo's of Lucy in the bath - not just because she absolutely LOVES the water, but mostly because it's a bit of a rare event! As you can see she has a dressing (looking a little soggy in this pic!) over the entry site of her central line. When she has a bath I have to redo the entire dressing including retaping the line to keep it safely secured and with a bit of slack in case of little hands giving it a tug. It's very tricky to do without another adult around, so I usually only do it when Adam is with me, or when I'm feeling exceptionally capable and game! A friend told me recently that her son succeeded in pulling out his line a while ago so it does happen.... I finally figured out that if I tape the lines over her shoulder to her back then they don't dangle in the water and are out of reach. There should be some parents handbook with tips like that!

Anyway, we're looking forward to the end of treatment and to the day when her line finally comes out and she can have baths more easily, as well as go to the beach and swimming again. She simply loves the water and it's so lovely to watch her enjoying it. Check out those arm rolls!

Hoping the next post is NOT from the hospital!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ministry Lucy style...

Home again!

Lucy finished her treatment at about midday on Thursday and we were out of there! All good - perfect temperature, no vomiting or anything to keep her in hospital, so now we can really say 5 down, 1 to go!

When I stop to think about our lives and where we've ended up I can't help but be a little surprised! Lucy especially has certainly taken us places and introduced us to people that we would never have otherwise known. And it is she who, despite her youth is having a great impact on people.
Take Tuesday for example.....

Adam stayed overnight at the hospital, and as I was running a little late for him to get to work he asked if a volunteer might be able to come and sit with Lucy for half an hour. A lady arrived in her signature pink stripey apron in record quick time. On meeting Adam, she mentioned to him that she had been a volunteer for 3 years but never been to the oncology ward, as she had always asked not to go there. She had lost a brother some 50 years ago to leukaemia, and just didn't feel able to face the oncology ward. Anyway, on Tuesday she was asked if she could pop up to Camperdown to look after a baby for half an hour. It wasn't till she was half way there that she remembered what Camperdown was. But, instead of turning around and asking someone else to go, she decided to come and make it a special time for herself and take that first step into the oncology ward.

Adam phoned to tell me this before I arrived, so I came to the room not quite knowing what to expect. When I arrived I found Lucy and this lady having a lovely time - Lucy being her usual cheeky cheerful self, laughing and playing, and unknowingly helping the volunteer to take some more steps down the path of grieving and growth. And how kind of God to give her Lucy - a baby who loves everyone she sees, who looks and is healthy and happy, and who even still has most of her hair - possibly the easiest introduction to the oncology ward there.

I was so struck by God's kindness in this circumstance, and, as I have often done since Lucy's birth, thought to myself "well maybe this is ministry Lucy style". I'm hoping she'll teach me how to use these situations to point people to Jesus and the God who, even (or especially!) in confronting and hard places, shows such kindness to people.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Almost 5 down....

Hospital is fun!!

Cuddles for new friend Clown.
Looks like we'll be able to go home tomorrow - praying for no fevers to prevent us. I'm quite in awe of Lucy and her bouncy happy little personality that is just continuing to blossom despite chemotherapy and being stuck in one room in the hospital. She's winning hearts everywhere, with nurses and doctors coming in to visit just to say hello. Such a treasure, who is teaching us lots about what is important in life. We are so thankful for what looks like being another event-free chemo treatment, and pray that the next few weeks as her bloods drop and she becomes more vulnerable to infection wont see her back in hospital.

We can almost say 5 down, 1 to go!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Back where we started!

Knocking down block towers with gusto!

It feels oddly like we've come a full circle, as Lucy was moved yesterday into the room we had when she was first diagnosed and where we had our longest stay in the hospital. It's a room sponsored by the police - complete with lights - and a mural on the wall. A large "PLEASE DO NOT USE BATHROOM" sign is a little disconcerting, but otherwise it feels a bit like coming home.....well only a really little bit - maybe 'home' is the wrong word - more like coming back somewhere familiar. I am glad to say that as I sit in the chair I typed so many of those early posts, I don't have the same sense of fear or anxiety as I did then, which is a great testimony to God's grace and kindness both to Lucy and to me.

She is continuing to tolerate the chemo well, although noticeably tired and just not as sparky as usual. Not grumpy, but not full of beans like she normally is. For some reason I have a feeling she might lose more of her hair this time, but that is not based on anything at all other than a gut feeling, and of course that may just be indigestion. Wait and see.

We had a really good day at the hospital on Saturday with all the girls. They loved playing in the playground, and especially liked the Starlight Room. I even met a volunteer who works with my old boss at the Anglican Diocesan head office! Emma has rekindled a great interest in beado's or hummer beads (the things you make patterns with then iron to melt them all together). A professional musician came to the Starlight Room in the afternoon to do music with the kids which Jasmine particularly enjoyed, and Madeline just thought jumping on the bean bags and watching a movie projected on the wall was amazing. We even got to have the night at home together thanks to my wonderful mum, which was just lovely.

Madeline had pre-school orientation today, and, as expected, was quite difficult to extract at the end of the time there. She is terribly keen to go, and was very excited to have 'a little visit' today. Lucy's extra grandparents the McKerlies came to play at the hospital so I could go with Maddie to pre-school, and I think everyone had a lovely time! Adam is away for a few nights this week so please pray for us and the girls with all the juggling, and for the Burkes as they have the girls for the nights Adam is away and I'm at the hospital. They seem to cope very well with it all, but Emma is a bit unwell and also the most affected by all the disruption. We're hopeful to be out of hospital on Thursday or Friday, assuming Lucy is still well.

Thanks for keeping up with us on this journey, love to you all.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We're in!

Well we've made it into hospital!

This morning's blood test showed Lucy's neutrophils have popped up to a level that means she can have her next course of treatment. We are ever so grateful to have scored a fantastic single room in the ward, especially as we will be here for at least a week. This round is 7 days, whereas previous rounds have only been 4 days. Hopefully we will be able to go home again when the chemo finishes.

Please pray for us all as we do the family juggle for the time we are in hospital, and for Lucy as she faces chemo again. She's tolerated it all so well so far, but with each new round there is the possibility she will not do so well. This time she also has a different drug that she's not had before. Although it's usually tolerated quite well by the kids, it's another variable and unknown for us. So far so good - she's sleeping soundly beside me.

I just watched an amazing game of netball to round out the Commonwealth Games. Such a shame to ultimately see the Aussies go down in double extra time! A fantastic game nonetheless. That jolly NZ GA just would not miss a goal!! I used to be a netball player - I don't think my back would let me play again (for the moment at least!) - and I'm am just always astounded by how big and athletic the players are. But I did also feel that familiar irritation with the umpires getting a bit whistle happy and not letting the game flow. Mmm, maybe better I'm not playing and just watching....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still home...

Still no beds today (still trying to hold onto the good things..... but my grasp is getting a bit weaker). Adam's in Dubbo and we are just managing to keep going. At the Burkes today while we waited on news for a bed, and will stay here the night so I don't have to be on my own again for the evening. Here is Lucy being darn cute 'singing' her favourite songs....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Holding onto the good things....

Good things about not being in hospital -

1. Pancakes for Saturday breakfast

2. Yum cha for Saturday lunch

3. Take away Thai for Saturday dinner (notice a pattern..... we REALLY didn't feel like cooking or even reheating, other than the pancakes!)

4. Going to church (although it was a bit a of teary morning!) together.

5. Getting some time to myself over the weekend to sew a skirt and visit a lovely handmade recycled timber furniture shop (where we got our dining table years ago) to ogle at nice stuff and resist purchasing urges...

6. Finding out the outside freezer was accidentally unplugged so I could cook a whole lot of stuff today that was partially defrosted with Mum on hand to clear out the other stuff in the freezer.

7. Finally catching up on washing from last weekend....
8. Being able to buy Emma new sneakers to replace the holey ones she's been wearing for ages....

9. Reading stories to my girls tonight.

10. Just not having to be at the hospital.

I almost cried when the doctor told me on Friday that Lucy's bloods weren't recovered enough to start the next cycle of chemo - literally almost cried, there was welling going on. Rather than dwell on something I couldn't change I have decided to look for good things about not being in hospital. Of course the longer we are delayed, the longer the whole thing goes on, but I really can't be upset with Lucy struggling to grow neutrophils now can I?!

Anyway, as you can see from the list above, there are some good things about not being in the hospital even though we want to get this all over with....

I had a bit of a feel in Lucy's mouth tonight, and it's starting to feel a bit lumpy in there - so maybe we're on the verge of seeing some teeth!! Apparently it's quite common for babies with down syndrome to have delayed eruption of first teeth - some kids don't get any till after 2 years old, and often in a wierd order. Anyway, we haven't seen any sign of any till now despite red cheeks since about 4 months old and many comments of 'she must be teething', but maybe she's working on teeth rather than neutrophils....

Anyway, no beds were available today, so we'll try again tomorrow. Hold onto the positive man!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Not my best day

It started with the sad news of the death of someone I knew of from cancer - a wife and mum of 2 little boys who died after a 2 year battle with the disease.

We were then advised that there was a bed available for Lucy, but on having her blood tested at the hospital found that her neutrophils (type of white cell) have still not recovered enough to start the next round of chemo. I really didn't feel like going to the hospital today, but after getting it together to sort out the other girls and get there, the news that we weren't to start treatment today was a real let down.

The doctor advised that he thought an earlier higher count of Lucy's neutrophils may have been an error (esp considering that all other bloods were on the way down). This far through treatment, it's likely that her bone marrow is 'tired' after being blasted so many times, and just taking a bit longer to recover. Hopefully it will be recovered enough to blast again (!) next week.

Have just been feeling low, tired and head achey this afternoon and evening, lacking in energy for anything much at all. The last 2 days I've also been thinking about the future again, and feeling a bit anxious about the prospect of Lucy's leukaemia coming back or relapsing. I haven't been feeling anxious about the future for some time, but for some reason it's been on my mind a bit. Clearly still learning to take each day at a time, and trust God with all our days.

Hopefully a good sleep will help and tomorrow will be brighter.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A long weekend in the mountains!

Well we didn't think we'd pull it off, but it's happened! We've got to go away for a few days over the long weekend!! Lucy was threatening with temperatures of 37.5 on Wednesday and Thursday, but she stayed below the magic 38 and we got in a little holiday, which has been lovely!!

Saturday was a nice day and we took the girls horseriding in Megalong Valley and had a picnic a park at Blackheath. So much beautiful blossom everywhere, including in the front yard of the Russell's house where we are staying!

Sunday and Monday were very rainy and foggy so no little bush walks (besides a brief attempt by Adam and Peter and some of the kids which resulted in a very wet group of people), but we enjoyed time relaxing together and also with the wonderful Chapmans as we celebrated Madeline's 3rd birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE!!! The kids seemed to like the 'pinata cake' - it took quite a bashing before giving up it's treasure, and we had the lolly man make a special indoors appearance which was a bit wild, but Madeline had been talking about it for weeks so we couldn't disappoint....

Adam and I are still recovering from our sickness - both really tired and going to bed early, but mostly feeling ok in the day. The kids are all pretty good now, although Jasmine sustained a pretty impressive black eye by whacking her eye on the couch not long after we arrived here! We are so grateful that Lucy seems to have avoided any sickness!

Presuming Lucy's bloods have recovered sufficiently and there is a bed available she will start her next cycle of chemo on Friday. It is starting to feel a little bit like the home stretch now - this is round 5 of 6. Not that we know what happens when the chemo finishes really, but my vague understanding is that she will have regular checkups for a long time (hopefully getting further apart), and her central line will come out a few months after she finishes treatment.

For the first time I'm actually turning my mind to next year and contemplating what it will look like. Jasmine will start school, and Madeline will be starting at pre-school. Hopefully hospital appointments will be kept to a minimum and there will be no reappearance of any leaukaemia! Things at Early Intervention will be a bit different with Lucy graduating to a weekly group rather than fortnightly one on one appointments. Hopefully she will progress to crawling and ultimately walking although this may not happen till she's well over 2 years. We're also looking forward to seeing some teeth!

So it's all looking a bit different and hopefully a bit more back to 'normal'. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.... a few more things to get through this year first.

Hope you had a great long weekend too!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sisterly love...

I was called in to the lounge room yesterday so they could show me they were having a lovely cuddle and to take a picture! If only this were always the way.....maybe I should put a copy of this up in their room....

Anyway, Adam is a lot better and returned to work today. But now I'm a bit sick. Madeline is pretty awful too - all snotty and sad. But since Lucy has stopped breastfeeding I'm loving the cold and flu medication that I'm now free to take after approximately 7 years of not being able to take them!

Emma and Lucy have so far resisted getting sick at all, although Lucy's white blood cell count was down today which may indicate that she's fighting the virus - hopefully she will win and she wont get sick - especially as we're hoping to have a few days up at the Blue Mountains over the long weekend before her next chemo cycle starts Friday week (hopefully).

I'm feeling a bit defeated on the home front - and too tired to really do anything about it. It's not too crazy, just random and frustrating piles of washing that are not putting themselves away, piles of paper that seem to materialise out of the air, and the relentlessness of having to feed small people and clean up after them! We still have a few meals in the freezer and quite often people very kindly drop in a meal, for which we are very very grateful and which makes the feeding of the small people much less stressful. I'd love to do some sewing (for some reason it's become my sanity) but the last little while it's just not been possible. Maybe tomorrow.... It's Madeline's birthday on the weekend and I'd love to make her a little dress, but I'm not sure I'll get there. Oh well. Maybe I'll just aim for Christmas....

Emma is enjoying Spring Fest at Mowbray School - a holiday kid's programme put on by Lane Cove & Mowbray Anglican churches. Such a great opportunity. She's loving the games and craft, and especially getting to know and hang out with some big girl leaders. Next week she's also going to go to a special Sibling Day at the hospital which she's looking forward to.

Hope you're enjoying your holidays and not succumbing to any of the nasty bugs doing the rounds at the moment!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Adam is sick. Not just man flu - real flu. He's been in bed the last few days and is not at all well. We'd really appreciate your prayers for his recovery and that the rest of us, especially Lucy, would not get sick. I'm feeling surprisingly robust and on top of things, so please pray that I don't fall in a heap. I even made a trip to Ikea with Alison and the kids this morning to get a few things. A bit wild but we made it home with all the right children (I almost left Lucy behind at one point....) and a few successful purchases.

Lucy is as sparky as ever. We enjoyed being able to go to Early Ed on Thursday, and we are encouraging Lucy with crawling and side sitting. It looks like she's favouring her left hand, and objecting being forced to do things with her right hand. We're also trying to interest her more in books - hospital time is good for this! - at the moment she seems to see books more as toys to throw around or put in her mouth! I find it hard in our days at home with the girls to make time to play and read to her, so please pray I'd try hard to make time for this important 'work' which is so important for her development. We need to get the other girls onto the task of reading to her a bit more. She's loving knocking over block towers to the cries of 'crash' from her sisters (or Mum!) which is very cute.

Happy holidays to all of you with school age children - I hope that you make some time to just 'be' and enjoy beautiful spring together.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random health issues!

We seem to be having a rather odd day health wise!

First, Lucy's bloods are already starting to recover after the last round of chemo, which is great and means that she didn't have to have any blood transfusions. But, a thyroid function test last week has shown that her thyroid is mildly underactive - a common problem for people with Down Syndrome, but which is readily manageable with medication. So she started on another medicine today for that and we add an endocronologist to her list of specialists!

Jasmine was stung by a bee in the garden at Nanna and Poppa's place, and Madeline had a tick (I think...). Adam has some wierd gungy finger that is looking a bit infected and has gone to the doctor tonight. Emma is ok but was complaining of a sore eye on the way to bed. I'm pretty good relatively speaking!

I'm sure you're all very glad to know these details, but it struck me as kind of odd to all happen at once. We've also been notified that there was a child at creche at church on Sunday and Tuesday with whooping cough. Fabulous. Hopefully Madeline did not get in the way of any coughing or sneezing. Jasmine has a bit of a cold, so hopefully that will not develop into anything even minutely resembling whooping cough!! Please pray that all the children, but especially Lucy, would be kept safe from this possibility!

We are hoping for another fever free recovery period for Lucy so that we can be home over the holidays, and not have so many clinic visits. Adam may be able to take a few days off next week which would be great!

Hope you are well and free of random health issues!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ducks and Doe a deer

What a beautiful day it was today! Sunny Sydney at it's spring best. The first free Saturday in a while and we were drawn to the outdoors, spending lots of the day at Narrabeen - on the lake side with a few ducks - known as 'Duck Park' to our girls. Just gorgeous!

Lucy is well, although her temperature crept up to 37.3 this evening - we're hoping that it comes right on back down again as a trip to emergency for re-admission is not what we want. I missed a dose of her antibiotics today as we were out all day and I forgot to take the bottle with us (the first medicine dose I've missed!!) so am feeling a bit anxious about that. I spoke to a nurse on the ward who said not to worry about it, and not to worry about making it up. It's the last day on her course of antibiotics, so hopefully she will be fine...

The girls are currently obsessed with The Sound of Music. Madeline is particularly taken with it, asking to watch "Doe a deer" pretty much every day. We are constantly regaled with renditions of You are 16 going on 17, Doe a deer and Favourite Things and discussion about who is whose favourite of the Von Trap children. Lucy is babbling a lot - lots of 'da, da, da' and 'na, na, na' (I'm working on 'mama'). We're wondering whether her first intelligible words might end up being "Doe a deer"! It would not be surprising given the exposure she's had!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home again! All is well with Lucy - her foot is back to normal and we are just giving her some oral antibiotics. Back on the programme of clinic visits to monitor Lucy's bloods as they fall after having the chemo. Hopefully no more fevers and a bit more time at home.

Feeling overwhelmed by kindness at the moment - today we had lovely people mow the crazy lawn for us and weed our front garden! Also, a few weeks ago we were told of a proposed increase to our rent (no, not so kind...). I wrote to ask for a slightly smaller increase due to our circumstances, and today we were advised that the landlord has refused our request (also not so kind.). But, someone at the Real Estate Agent (we can only guess that it's the owner, but maybe not) who heard of the property manager's turmoil at having to break the news to us has incredibly kindly offered to cover the different between what we offered to pay and what the landlord is demanding for 6 months!!! That is really quite stunning, especially as the proposed increase is actually greater than what we were originally advised!!

I often stress about the house thing, and the thought of having to move right now sends me into a spin. We can't afford to buy a house anywhere around here, but we cannot contemplate moving away - now more than ever. We are so thankful for this kindness shown by someone who we have never even met. Jaw droppingly stunning as I said before! Still can't quite believe it.

Must go to bed after a long day, visiting the clinic tomorrow with Jasmine and Madeline in tow. They love going to 'hospital care' which is child care at the hospital for siblings, run by gorgeous volunteers, and it's nice to involve them in the process and to stay kind of together for the day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What do you do?

Despite the beautiful sunshine today I can't help but feel quite sad.

Lucy is doing a lot better - her fevers have subsided and the sore foot, though still a little swollen, is much improved. This is all great news, but yet I find myself being forced once again to confront the reality of where we are, and it's not nice.

I found out last night that two children whose parents I have met whilst being in hospital have died recently. Whilst we don't hold fears for Lucy's life at present - she is doing as well as can be hoped or expected, and the doctors are aiming for complete recovery, it is an awful reminder of the reality of life and death here in the oncology ward and the precariousness of life.

I feel so sad for those families, and have spent a lot of time today just wondering what you do if your child dies. What do you do when you go home? What do you do after the funeral? Really, what do you do?

I may never see those parents again, but I so pray that they would know God's kindness even in their grief, that they would know of the hope that he freely offers to us all, of his grace and mercy demonstrated in the cross of Jesus and the victory over death he has won in Jesus' resurrection.

I feel such a burden for all the families in here, and yet so inadequate and at a loss to know how to care for them. But I can pray, and I can talk, and as God gives me opportunity and energy hopefully I can share our hope and faith with others. Please pray with me for all the families here - for healing, for hope and for peace with God. And pray for the wonderful chaplains here at the hospital - they have a couple dedicated to the oncology ward, funded through Anglicare. Such a wonderful and essential ministry, yet very stressful and hard for those involved, so please pray God would sustain them in their work and faith.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fevers and a swollen foot!

Well it's been a bit of a wobbly beginning.

We got in last night and at about 9pm Lucy woke up quite distressed. She then spent most of the night (on and off) trying to fill her nappy and was obviously quite uncomfortable, and then when she woke in the morning and finally succeeded, she went on to develop a fever of 39. She's been quite sad and very sleepy, not wanting to eat or drink at all really.

She has been started on some antibiotics and given panadol which has brought her temperature down. She also has a strangely swollen right foot! It may have been caused by some mosquito bites that have been aggravated with the chemo, but we're hoping that the antibiotics will take care of whatever it is.

She perked up a bit after the panadol and a tiny bit of food, but is back asleep again now. Hopefully this will be shortlived, and as her neutrophils are currently 5.0 (!) she is not so vulnerable to infections. Of course this round of chemo will change that, but hopefully for the moment her immune system will help us out too. Emma was sick with a bit of a fever yesterday (as was half her class apparently) so maybe she's just got whatever Emma had.

I was starting to feel a bit wobbly myself with Lucy so sad and in obvious pain. I don't think I've felt like that since Lucy got her first fever after the very first round of chemo. A big reminder that we just don't know how each round of chemo will affect her, and of how little and vulnerable she is. I'm very grateful to have had a visit this morning from the wonderful Alison K. I feel so much calmer when there is someone else with me through the bumpy bits. And thanks too to Mum who came with us yesterday when we were admitted. My back thanks you for all the carrying you did for us!

Please pray we'd keep trusting God with Lucy and our whole family every step of the way. And thanks that his mercies are new every morning.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We're in!

Well we've finally made it into hospital and Lucy's fourth round of chemo has started. We have even been fortunate enough to get our own room! I think one of the lovely nurses in the clinic realised how sore my back is and pulled some strings to get us a single room. How nice is that?! Anyway, it's been a long day and I'm weary so will go to bed very soon. I've got some nurofen plus to help me through! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers - please pray Lucy tolerates this round of chemo as well as she has coped with the earlier ones. Emma went home sick today, so please also keep the other girls and Adam in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

AAAAaaaaaargh! Still no beds!

Monday, September 6, 2010

No beds!

No beds available!! We are still at home waiting on a bed at the hospital so that Lucy can have her next round of chemo. A bit frustrating, especially as we have got everything planned for the other kids for the week. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get a bed, but no guarantees.

We had a lovely weekend though - we even got to walk to water on Saturday! Didn't get too soggy, and it was a good time together. Even Jasmine walked the whole way (about 5kms) without complaint. This was no doubt mostly due to the fact she was holding Renee S's hand the whole way - thanks Renee!! Our girls just love you!!! Needless to say, they were exhausted come Saturday night. Adam and I had a great night out on Saturday together at a yummy Malaysian restaurant in Lane Cove. After church on Sunday we had a lazy afternoon with a viewing of the current favourite movie The Sound of Music and a whole lot of washing in prep for the week and to take advantage of the gale that was blowing across Sydney.

Will update when we get to the hospital!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dummies and Walking to Water

Not such a flattering picture but I thought it was amusing!
Hi there, still home, still ok. Lucy's been a bit grumpy this week, but is currently having a sleep so not so bad. No fevers though so still at home. She has stopped waking at night which is good, and it seems she's not in so much discomfort.

The biggest change in our house in the last few days has been the disposal of Madeline's dummies. Since she was tiny Madeline has loved her dummies - not just one, but multiple dummies when in bed to be sucked, held between fingers and held touching her nose. Over the last little while she's been waking us up semi-regularly when she can't find one in the night. Sorry, not can't find one, can't find ALL of them!! Very frustrating. She's also been doing a whole lot of pushing and hitting (mostly of Jasmine) and speaking rudely. The only threat that has worked has been loss of dummies.

As of Tuesday she had 2 left after having to throw several in the bin due to infractions. After several nights waking us, I promised that if she did it again those 2 would go in the bin. Sadly (for Madeline) she woke us again, and as promised she had to throw the dummies in the bin. Last night was our first sans dummies, and it was a dream! After a few initial tears, she went off to sleep and we weren't woken up at all! Success! Today at rest time she still wanted them, but calmed down much more easily and quickly.

My back is still quite sore, so your prayers would be appreciated as we head into another week at the hospital next week. I'm also trying to get back into reading the Bible and praying at night which is going ok - I've done it a few times now, back reading 2 Corinthians which I dropped a while back.

Adam is also tired, so please pray for him and all of us. We're half way through Lucy's treatment which some days feels like a good thing and that we've come a long way, and others feels like we're not at the beginning and nowhere near the end.

We are planning to do the Walk to Water with our church tomorrow where we will walk from Cammeray to Balmoral - hopefully it wont be pouring with rain! Walk to Water is an international event put on in partnership with Open Doors to raise funds for Christian communities around the world. Last year about 150 people from Cammeray and Naremburn walked to raise around $3000 to put wells in Christian communities in Nigeria. This year Open Doors are hoping to assist a community in Ethiopia by providing water pumps for crops, generators to produce electricity for 250 households and classrooms for a school at Maychew. We would really like to walk so pray the rain holds off!!

And most exciting is the prospect of a night out with Adam thanks to a kind offer of babysitting! Not sure where yet, at this stage anywhere will be good!

Hope you have a good weekend too, love Liz

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jasmine is now officially 5. She is very pleased about this and is announcing it to everyone she sees. She definitely feels older and is wondering why she can't start school this week. We had a fun birthday day last Thursday with lots of hoola hooping and homemade pizza for dinner, and a little party on Saturday with our families and a few friends - and of course the lolly man.

Hoola hooping on birthday morning

Modelling new Mama-made sundress

Check out my cool birthday cake!

Lolly man in full flight.

Lucy also had fun at the birthday celebrations, and enjoyed squishing cake in her little hands. We are hoping to only have to go to the hospital once this week for a check up. She's been waking up a bit at night lately which is very unlike her - she seems to still be uncomfortable when she passes wind or opens her bowels which is happening a lot thru the night. Poor bloss, not very nice. But otherwise she's great! The next round of chemo starts next Monday, and in a funny way having been at home for most of this cycle has made it feel very long!

Today we visited my Grandma - Lucy and the girls' great grandma. Her name is Elma, but all the great grandchildren have gone through phases of calling her Elmo, which was Madeline today! Poor Grandma is struggling with deteriorating eyesight and her hearing has always been poor. But she loved seeing Lucy and Madeline, especially enjoying Lucy's smiles and clapping which she turned on beautifully. Lucy has inherited Grandma's blue blue eyes, and they always remind me of her. It was amazing to see Lucy's pudgy little baby hands held Grandma's 96 year old hands. Grandma always says things like "it's good for me that you come and visit, not so good for you". Although it's hard to see this lady that I have known and loved all my life growing older and more frail, to see her is also a testimony to God's grace, and I love that our children have been able to meet her. It is indeed good for me (and them) to see her. And it's a wonderful privilege to know that a short visit from us makes such a huge impact on her life and I wish I could do it more.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm not a very good gardener. As we don't own the home we live in, there's not much incentive to get into it either, and I'm not great with pots. Just too much maintenance involved. But I grew these!

Well they grew themselves really. I just popped the bulbs in the pot and left them outside where they could catch some rain and sun, and in a few short months they sprouted and this week have lifted their sunny faces to the sky. I smile every time I see them. They are just on our back porch, so I see them every time I come home, which is where we've continued to be this week. We've had a couple of days staying at home all day too, which has been good for me, although perhaps a little less exciting than Madeline would have liked.

We have had a few visitors though - it was great to catch up with lovely Karen McK yesterday, and to meet a new friend Julia and 2 of her 4 boys today. Her littlest one has down syndrome, and it was lovely to meet him too. A birthday lunch on Sunday, and time with Mum on Monday rounds out our week so far.

Here are a few pics of Lucy from today - I feel like every time I look at her she's getting bigger - no worries yet with her losing weight!

And here is Jasmine modelling my new laptop bag. I'm loving it a whole lot... It's padded to protect the computer, especially as I drag it to the hospital and back when we're in. Till now it's been in a very unstylish shopping bag, and is now very much enjoying it's new home.

It's Jasmine's 5th birthday tomorrow. I have just finished off a little dress for her, which she will no doubt want to wear no matter how inappropriate it is for the weather. Oh well. We have lots of pairs of tights at the ready. I've ordered a couple of things online for her that haven't arrived yet - I'm hoping for a bumper post delivery tomorrow! We're back at the clinic tomorrow morning, then hoping to visit Early Ed as well, so a busy day ahead. I didn't realised that Emma had school photos today - she went to school in her sports uniform. How embarrassing! She didn't appear at all concerned, but I'm feeling pretty embarrassed. I didn't actually forget, I was just convinced that the photos were being done on Thursday not Wednesday. Oh well. Everyone seems to have coped ok, and it sounds like Emma is just standing with the boys in the class photo.....
Hope you are having a good week and remembering what you need to!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well we are still at home and Lucy is well!!

The doctor even suggested on Friday that perhaps her blood levels wont completely bottom out this round at all, considering that as of then her neutrofils were still relatively high, haemoglobin stable and just platelets low. She had a transfusion on Friday and may need another one this week, but otherwise all is excellent. We are hoping for another hospital free week - well free from being an inpatient - just visiting the clinic as required to keep an eye on how things are progressing. Pray those fevers stay away!

My back is still sore, but having seen the chiropractor a few times it is starting to settle down. I'm trying to remember to flex/tense all the right muscles and to bend and move the right way. I must say that having a sore back makes me feel quite vulnerable and wobbly - both physically and emotionally. Have shed a few more tears this week than in the last little while, and had a good ol' cry meeting a new little bubba this morning. Not because I didn't want to meet him (and by the way he is gorgeous Neil and Kirrily!) but I suppose it just makes me think about childbirth and all that and brings back all those thoughts and feelings associated with Lucy's birth. Add in some back pain, a talk at church about suffering, God's care and deliverance in our suffering (as opposed to deliverance from suffering) and for me tears were just inevitable! Oh well....

This afternoon we enjoyed a relaxed birthday lunch for Adam's sister at the Burkes and now all the little ones are tucked up safe in bed. I've been trying to rustle up some energy to finish off a few little dresses I've been sewing for Jasmine and Madeline, but just can't do it. Think I shall go to bed instead. I've got 4 more days till Jasmine's birthday on Thursday when I really must have hers done! Hope you had a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm glad to report that this week has been quite a normal week (so far!), if that's what we can call it.... I've cooked a bit (pear and rasberry bread in the oven as I type!), we've all slept in the same house for almost a week, I got to go to Bible study on Tuesday for the first time in ages, even got to sew a bit and make an incredibly stylish new laptop bag for trips to the hospital! Stories have been read, the trampoline jumped upon and dining table sat around. A few melt downs and tantrums to keep it real, and even a free dinner on Willoughby Council at the opening of the Spring Festival on Saturday night!

Lucy and I have been going to the oncology clinic for checkups and she is doing very well. No fevers in sight, and her counts are just starting to go down. It's likely she will need a platelet transfusion on Friday but otherwise everything is still pretty high. Today she has delightfully pink cheeks and nose which always draw many comments at the hospital. Once they know it's not because she's sick, it's all gooing over how cute she is! She certainly is a social little creature, protesting loudly when I don't position her pram where she can 'talk' to people like Donna on the desk at the clinic, or when everyone else at home has finished their meal and she gets left behind in her highchair in the dining room. She's also perfecting her throwing arm, and most toys are given the chuck from the highchair or pram.

My biggest struggle at the moment is with my back, which is still pretty sore. Am being held together by my trusty belt which I wear all the time (even to bed!). It's difficult to sit for any length of time and driving is quite uncomfortable. Lifting Lucy in and out of bed/the car/off the floor is pretty tricky so am trying to keep it all to a minimum. Hopefully it will get more stable soon, and I'll simply have to get back into strength exercises.

Hope you are enjoying the lovely sunny patches!
love Liz

Friday, August 13, 2010

3 down, 3 to go!

We've made it home again having finished the 3rd round of chemo this morning. Lucy has again coped well with the treatment, a little off her food, but otherwise quite good. She was excited to come home and see her sisters today, and they were equally pleased to see her.

It's been a long week sharing the room at the hospital. The other baby in our room was quite unsettled especially at night, so that was a bit of a struggle - I think I mentioned that the other day. They got to go home on Thursday which was a surprise, but our new room mate after they left was a lovely 12 year old girl. Anyway, we're home now and it's good to be here!

Some of you know that since having all these lovely babies my back and pelvis has been quite sore for some time. I'd been seeing a chiropractor for a while before Lucy was diagnosed and had been making some great progress. Since Lucy has been sick though I haven't been able to go. I had been pleasantly surprised with how good my back was feeling considering all the sleeping on fold out beds, stress, lifting etc, but just this week my lower back has started to protest and is quite sore. Must try and make it back to see the chiro, as well as do some pilates and try to get strong again.....

I've been feeling a bit crazy this week - no doubt hormonally related but nonetheless unpleasant! It's felt a bit like we're a long way into this journey, but a long way from the end - just plodding through the middle. But each day and week and month is another closer to what we hope will be a full recovery.

I spoke with the consultant at the hospital today who was helpful in answering some of my questions. He was keen to remind me that Lucy's leukaemia and myelodysplasia were both caught very early and were very mild. The treatment she is receiving should fix both problems, and she is doing as well as could possibly be expected. All good things - great things to be very thankful for. Plus she's gorgeous and winning hearts everywhere! And tonight we're all home together.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hi again, here are some pics from Sunday - thanks again everyone for making it a memorable day

Lucy and the gang of godparents and families!

Lucy and and our minister Rick Smith

Lucy and the Chapmans (godparents)

Lucy and Andrew & Alex Draney (godparents)

Lovely godmother Karin Stace - sorry Karin we didn't get a picture with you and Lucy!

Cutting the birthday/baptism cake (while Lucy slept...)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well we're in the middle of our current round of chemo and all is going pretty well. Lucy was looking a little hot and glassy eyed yesterday afternoon but today is doing fine. We are sharing a room again, this time with another 1 year old. It is both better and harder than the other experiences we've had of sharing. Better in that the two bubbas are quite interested in each other and can even play a little but, but harder in that our little room mate has been quite unsettled at night with lots of crying, and even in the day a fair bit of noise and squealing when Lucy is asleep. Going alright though - Lucy is a bit of a champion and able to sleep thru it all mostly. The other little girl has been on steroids and has been quite grumpy and unhappy - she has had a bit of pain and mucositis, and let's face it, being in hospital just isn't fun. She is very wary of the nurses and doesn't like anyone coming near her.

The room is very small and I've been feeling a bit all over the place, so it makes it a bit hard to hide! In God's kindness though somehow I have been able to have the energy to chat a bit and be alright around the other family. I nearly cried when I was shown to the room, wondering how I'd cope, but it's going ok. A new book I ordered a while ago arrived today so I've enjoyed having a look at that!

Thankfully Lucy has continued to be pretty happy and cope with most procedures well. She isn't bothered by the nurses or the doctors coming to do things, and we hope this continues!

We had some great news the other day - a while ago we all had tissue typing blood tests done to see if anyone is a potential donor for Lucy in the event that she needs a bone marrow transplant down the track. We found out recently that our little Madeline is a 100% match! Adam is also a 5/6 match which is pretty good. We hope that Lucy will never need a transplant, but in the event she does it is wonderful to know we have an exact match from a sibling which is the best case scenario!

Monday, August 9, 2010

(photo from June 2010)
Hello again! Thanks so much for a fantastic day yesterday at church with Lucy's baptism and a pot luck lunch afterwards. We were so encouraged to see so many people there, keen to support us all and pray with us for Lucy as we celebrated the victory Jesus won for her in his death and resurrection (as well as reaching her first birthday)! Photos will come soon - my sister in law was on the job yesterday but we haven't got them just yet, and I seem to have mislaid our camera somewhere....

Today we are back at the hospital for the next round of chemo. Lucy's blood test this morning showed a big jump in all her counts (except haemoglobin which was just a little bit up), so she was pronounced fit for more chemo. She had a small procedure this morning under general anaesthetic, where some chemo was injected into her spinal fluid via a lumbar puncture. She was a bit disoriented and distressed on coming out of the anaesthetic which may mean she came out of it a bit fast, which was a bit sad. She didn't seem to even recognise me for a while but when she calmed down and had some breakfast she came back to her old self again. We're now waiting to go up to the ward, and Lucy is having a snooze in the pram. Hopefully we wont have to spend the whole day here. I find it a bit overwhelming in the oncology clinic sometimes. Also hoping for a single room this time...

Anyway, thanks again for yesterday, and for your continued love and support and interest even if you weren't able to come. We appreciate you all very much.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Looks like we're all good for the baptism and lunch tomorrow... see you there!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Nicola and Isaac
Back of the quilt...

Grandma & Pa

Jen & Sophia