Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well we're in the middle of our current round of chemo and all is going pretty well. Lucy was looking a little hot and glassy eyed yesterday afternoon but today is doing fine. We are sharing a room again, this time with another 1 year old. It is both better and harder than the other experiences we've had of sharing. Better in that the two bubbas are quite interested in each other and can even play a little but, but harder in that our little room mate has been quite unsettled at night with lots of crying, and even in the day a fair bit of noise and squealing when Lucy is asleep. Going alright though - Lucy is a bit of a champion and able to sleep thru it all mostly. The other little girl has been on steroids and has been quite grumpy and unhappy - she has had a bit of pain and mucositis, and let's face it, being in hospital just isn't fun. She is very wary of the nurses and doesn't like anyone coming near her.

The room is very small and I've been feeling a bit all over the place, so it makes it a bit hard to hide! In God's kindness though somehow I have been able to have the energy to chat a bit and be alright around the other family. I nearly cried when I was shown to the room, wondering how I'd cope, but it's going ok. A new book I ordered a while ago arrived today so I've enjoyed having a look at that!

Thankfully Lucy has continued to be pretty happy and cope with most procedures well. She isn't bothered by the nurses or the doctors coming to do things, and we hope this continues!

We had some great news the other day - a while ago we all had tissue typing blood tests done to see if anyone is a potential donor for Lucy in the event that she needs a bone marrow transplant down the track. We found out recently that our little Madeline is a 100% match! Adam is also a 5/6 match which is pretty good. We hope that Lucy will never need a transplant, but in the event she does it is wonderful to know we have an exact match from a sibling which is the best case scenario!


Jenny said...

Liz, that's GREAT that Maddie is a match. What an amazine, swift, merciful answer to prayer.

Tim & Katrina Earnshaw said...

Wow, that's great, Liz! Praying for God's strength to get you through the room sharing business. I guess there's only so many times you can lock yourself in the bathroom, right? Lots of love from us. (Have my pressies arrived yet??)