Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm not a very good gardener. As we don't own the home we live in, there's not much incentive to get into it either, and I'm not great with pots. Just too much maintenance involved. But I grew these!

Well they grew themselves really. I just popped the bulbs in the pot and left them outside where they could catch some rain and sun, and in a few short months they sprouted and this week have lifted their sunny faces to the sky. I smile every time I see them. They are just on our back porch, so I see them every time I come home, which is where we've continued to be this week. We've had a couple of days staying at home all day too, which has been good for me, although perhaps a little less exciting than Madeline would have liked.

We have had a few visitors though - it was great to catch up with lovely Karen McK yesterday, and to meet a new friend Julia and 2 of her 4 boys today. Her littlest one has down syndrome, and it was lovely to meet him too. A birthday lunch on Sunday, and time with Mum on Monday rounds out our week so far.

Here are a few pics of Lucy from today - I feel like every time I look at her she's getting bigger - no worries yet with her losing weight!

And here is Jasmine modelling my new laptop bag. I'm loving it a whole lot... It's padded to protect the computer, especially as I drag it to the hospital and back when we're in. Till now it's been in a very unstylish shopping bag, and is now very much enjoying it's new home.

It's Jasmine's 5th birthday tomorrow. I have just finished off a little dress for her, which she will no doubt want to wear no matter how inappropriate it is for the weather. Oh well. We have lots of pairs of tights at the ready. I've ordered a couple of things online for her that haven't arrived yet - I'm hoping for a bumper post delivery tomorrow! We're back at the clinic tomorrow morning, then hoping to visit Early Ed as well, so a busy day ahead. I didn't realised that Emma had school photos today - she went to school in her sports uniform. How embarrassing! She didn't appear at all concerned, but I'm feeling pretty embarrassed. I didn't actually forget, I was just convinced that the photos were being done on Thursday not Wednesday. Oh well. Everyone seems to have coped ok, and it sounds like Emma is just standing with the boys in the class photo.....
Hope you are having a good week and remembering what you need to!

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Sals said...

dropped in to see you & Lucy last tuesday but you guys were at home! (which is a good thing!)...thinking of you