Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here are some photos from the weekend and last few days

Lucy on her favourite toy in the hospital

At nanna and poppa's place this afternoon

I just love this expression!

Neutrofils are on the rise! Today we had 0.1 (yes, a real 0.1) and we are hopeful that tomorrow morning, assuming there are no fevers overnight, we will get to go home!!! We had a gate pass today which meant we could spend the afternoon and evening at home with the girls which was great. Lucy has had a very happy day - lots of smiles, clapping and banging!

We even got a big surprise this morning when an old friend, who as far as I knew was living in New Zealand, popped in to see us. So great to see you Rachel and thanks for the groovy crab present for Lucy.

The best part of all this is that Lucy will be able to be home for her birthday! Not sure yet what that will look like, but at least it wont be in hospital!

Must go and finish Lucy's birthday present....

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bethscomputer said...

What wonderful news Liz. We are praying for you all and especially your lovely Lucy. Love to you all. Beth Braga