Friday, August 13, 2010

3 down, 3 to go!

We've made it home again having finished the 3rd round of chemo this morning. Lucy has again coped well with the treatment, a little off her food, but otherwise quite good. She was excited to come home and see her sisters today, and they were equally pleased to see her.

It's been a long week sharing the room at the hospital. The other baby in our room was quite unsettled especially at night, so that was a bit of a struggle - I think I mentioned that the other day. They got to go home on Thursday which was a surprise, but our new room mate after they left was a lovely 12 year old girl. Anyway, we're home now and it's good to be here!

Some of you know that since having all these lovely babies my back and pelvis has been quite sore for some time. I'd been seeing a chiropractor for a while before Lucy was diagnosed and had been making some great progress. Since Lucy has been sick though I haven't been able to go. I had been pleasantly surprised with how good my back was feeling considering all the sleeping on fold out beds, stress, lifting etc, but just this week my lower back has started to protest and is quite sore. Must try and make it back to see the chiro, as well as do some pilates and try to get strong again.....

I've been feeling a bit crazy this week - no doubt hormonally related but nonetheless unpleasant! It's felt a bit like we're a long way into this journey, but a long way from the end - just plodding through the middle. But each day and week and month is another closer to what we hope will be a full recovery.

I spoke with the consultant at the hospital today who was helpful in answering some of my questions. He was keen to remind me that Lucy's leukaemia and myelodysplasia were both caught very early and were very mild. The treatment she is receiving should fix both problems, and she is doing as well as could possibly be expected. All good things - great things to be very thankful for. Plus she's gorgeous and winning hearts everywhere! And tonight we're all home together.

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