Monday, August 30, 2010

Jasmine is now officially 5. She is very pleased about this and is announcing it to everyone she sees. She definitely feels older and is wondering why she can't start school this week. We had a fun birthday day last Thursday with lots of hoola hooping and homemade pizza for dinner, and a little party on Saturday with our families and a few friends - and of course the lolly man.

Hoola hooping on birthday morning

Modelling new Mama-made sundress

Check out my cool birthday cake!

Lolly man in full flight.

Lucy also had fun at the birthday celebrations, and enjoyed squishing cake in her little hands. We are hoping to only have to go to the hospital once this week for a check up. She's been waking up a bit at night lately which is very unlike her - she seems to still be uncomfortable when she passes wind or opens her bowels which is happening a lot thru the night. Poor bloss, not very nice. But otherwise she's great! The next round of chemo starts next Monday, and in a funny way having been at home for most of this cycle has made it feel very long!

Today we visited my Grandma - Lucy and the girls' great grandma. Her name is Elma, but all the great grandchildren have gone through phases of calling her Elmo, which was Madeline today! Poor Grandma is struggling with deteriorating eyesight and her hearing has always been poor. But she loved seeing Lucy and Madeline, especially enjoying Lucy's smiles and clapping which she turned on beautifully. Lucy has inherited Grandma's blue blue eyes, and they always remind me of her. It was amazing to see Lucy's pudgy little baby hands held Grandma's 96 year old hands. Grandma always says things like "it's good for me that you come and visit, not so good for you". Although it's hard to see this lady that I have known and loved all my life growing older and more frail, to see her is also a testimony to God's grace, and I love that our children have been able to meet her. It is indeed good for me (and them) to see her. And it's a wonderful privilege to know that a short visit from us makes such a huge impact on her life and I wish I could do it more.

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