Friday, September 3, 2010

Dummies and Walking to Water

Not such a flattering picture but I thought it was amusing!
Hi there, still home, still ok. Lucy's been a bit grumpy this week, but is currently having a sleep so not so bad. No fevers though so still at home. She has stopped waking at night which is good, and it seems she's not in so much discomfort.

The biggest change in our house in the last few days has been the disposal of Madeline's dummies. Since she was tiny Madeline has loved her dummies - not just one, but multiple dummies when in bed to be sucked, held between fingers and held touching her nose. Over the last little while she's been waking us up semi-regularly when she can't find one in the night. Sorry, not can't find one, can't find ALL of them!! Very frustrating. She's also been doing a whole lot of pushing and hitting (mostly of Jasmine) and speaking rudely. The only threat that has worked has been loss of dummies.

As of Tuesday she had 2 left after having to throw several in the bin due to infractions. After several nights waking us, I promised that if she did it again those 2 would go in the bin. Sadly (for Madeline) she woke us again, and as promised she had to throw the dummies in the bin. Last night was our first sans dummies, and it was a dream! After a few initial tears, she went off to sleep and we weren't woken up at all! Success! Today at rest time she still wanted them, but calmed down much more easily and quickly.

My back is still quite sore, so your prayers would be appreciated as we head into another week at the hospital next week. I'm also trying to get back into reading the Bible and praying at night which is going ok - I've done it a few times now, back reading 2 Corinthians which I dropped a while back.

Adam is also tired, so please pray for him and all of us. We're half way through Lucy's treatment which some days feels like a good thing and that we've come a long way, and others feels like we're not at the beginning and nowhere near the end.

We are planning to do the Walk to Water with our church tomorrow where we will walk from Cammeray to Balmoral - hopefully it wont be pouring with rain! Walk to Water is an international event put on in partnership with Open Doors to raise funds for Christian communities around the world. Last year about 150 people from Cammeray and Naremburn walked to raise around $3000 to put wells in Christian communities in Nigeria. This year Open Doors are hoping to assist a community in Ethiopia by providing water pumps for crops, generators to produce electricity for 250 households and classrooms for a school at Maychew. We would really like to walk so pray the rain holds off!!

And most exciting is the prospect of a night out with Adam thanks to a kind offer of babysitting! Not sure where yet, at this stage anywhere will be good!

Hope you have a good weekend too, love Liz


John McKerlie said...

Hi Liz, Adam and girls,

Sounds like fathers day has come just at the right time. Have a great day Adam. Praise God that Lucy is doing so well. Re dummies that is a great hurdle to overcome, cross your fingers. Diane is reading the same Bible passage coincidently.

Prayers & Love to all,
The McKerlies

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