Monday, September 6, 2010

No beds!

No beds available!! We are still at home waiting on a bed at the hospital so that Lucy can have her next round of chemo. A bit frustrating, especially as we have got everything planned for the other kids for the week. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get a bed, but no guarantees.

We had a lovely weekend though - we even got to walk to water on Saturday! Didn't get too soggy, and it was a good time together. Even Jasmine walked the whole way (about 5kms) without complaint. This was no doubt mostly due to the fact she was holding Renee S's hand the whole way - thanks Renee!! Our girls just love you!!! Needless to say, they were exhausted come Saturday night. Adam and I had a great night out on Saturday together at a yummy Malaysian restaurant in Lane Cove. After church on Sunday we had a lazy afternoon with a viewing of the current favourite movie The Sound of Music and a whole lot of washing in prep for the week and to take advantage of the gale that was blowing across Sydney.

Will update when we get to the hospital!

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