Friday, September 10, 2010

Fevers and a swollen foot!

Well it's been a bit of a wobbly beginning.

We got in last night and at about 9pm Lucy woke up quite distressed. She then spent most of the night (on and off) trying to fill her nappy and was obviously quite uncomfortable, and then when she woke in the morning and finally succeeded, she went on to develop a fever of 39. She's been quite sad and very sleepy, not wanting to eat or drink at all really.

She has been started on some antibiotics and given panadol which has brought her temperature down. She also has a strangely swollen right foot! It may have been caused by some mosquito bites that have been aggravated with the chemo, but we're hoping that the antibiotics will take care of whatever it is.

She perked up a bit after the panadol and a tiny bit of food, but is back asleep again now. Hopefully this will be shortlived, and as her neutrophils are currently 5.0 (!) she is not so vulnerable to infections. Of course this round of chemo will change that, but hopefully for the moment her immune system will help us out too. Emma was sick with a bit of a fever yesterday (as was half her class apparently) so maybe she's just got whatever Emma had.

I was starting to feel a bit wobbly myself with Lucy so sad and in obvious pain. I don't think I've felt like that since Lucy got her first fever after the very first round of chemo. A big reminder that we just don't know how each round of chemo will affect her, and of how little and vulnerable she is. I'm very grateful to have had a visit this morning from the wonderful Alison K. I feel so much calmer when there is someone else with me through the bumpy bits. And thanks too to Mum who came with us yesterday when we were admitted. My back thanks you for all the carrying you did for us!

Please pray we'd keep trusting God with Lucy and our whole family every step of the way. And thanks that his mercies are new every morning.


Tim & Katrina Earnshaw said...

Oh Liz, the poor little thing doesn't sound like she's enjoying herself! Will pray for a better night's rest for her and for you. Love you.

Lionel and Fiona said...

We're so sad that Lucy is unwell. We're also grateful her neutrofils are high and hope that means Lucy can fight her fever and the antibiotics sort out that foot. Also hope Adam is less tired than he has been, your back is holding out, Maddy is surviving without her dummy and Jasmine and Emma are copingde. Fxxx