Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random health issues!

We seem to be having a rather odd day health wise!

First, Lucy's bloods are already starting to recover after the last round of chemo, which is great and means that she didn't have to have any blood transfusions. But, a thyroid function test last week has shown that her thyroid is mildly underactive - a common problem for people with Down Syndrome, but which is readily manageable with medication. So she started on another medicine today for that and we add an endocronologist to her list of specialists!

Jasmine was stung by a bee in the garden at Nanna and Poppa's place, and Madeline had a tick (I think...). Adam has some wierd gungy finger that is looking a bit infected and has gone to the doctor tonight. Emma is ok but was complaining of a sore eye on the way to bed. I'm pretty good relatively speaking!

I'm sure you're all very glad to know these details, but it struck me as kind of odd to all happen at once. We've also been notified that there was a child at creche at church on Sunday and Tuesday with whooping cough. Fabulous. Hopefully Madeline did not get in the way of any coughing or sneezing. Jasmine has a bit of a cold, so hopefully that will not develop into anything even minutely resembling whooping cough!! Please pray that all the children, but especially Lucy, would be kept safe from this possibility!

We are hoping for another fever free recovery period for Lucy so that we can be home over the holidays, and not have so many clinic visits. Adam may be able to take a few days off next week which would be great!

Hope you are well and free of random health issues!

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