Friday, September 24, 2010

Adam is sick. Not just man flu - real flu. He's been in bed the last few days and is not at all well. We'd really appreciate your prayers for his recovery and that the rest of us, especially Lucy, would not get sick. I'm feeling surprisingly robust and on top of things, so please pray that I don't fall in a heap. I even made a trip to Ikea with Alison and the kids this morning to get a few things. A bit wild but we made it home with all the right children (I almost left Lucy behind at one point....) and a few successful purchases.

Lucy is as sparky as ever. We enjoyed being able to go to Early Ed on Thursday, and we are encouraging Lucy with crawling and side sitting. It looks like she's favouring her left hand, and objecting being forced to do things with her right hand. We're also trying to interest her more in books - hospital time is good for this! - at the moment she seems to see books more as toys to throw around or put in her mouth! I find it hard in our days at home with the girls to make time to play and read to her, so please pray I'd try hard to make time for this important 'work' which is so important for her development. We need to get the other girls onto the task of reading to her a bit more. She's loving knocking over block towers to the cries of 'crash' from her sisters (or Mum!) which is very cute.

Happy holidays to all of you with school age children - I hope that you make some time to just 'be' and enjoy beautiful spring together.

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Charlybear said...

Flu is horrible! I hope Adam is better and that it doesn't spread to anyone else. The weather is absolutely beautiful but it's funny how all the bugs seem to like it too :-(
Glad to hear Lucy is going well, the foot is healed and is enjoying the crash game! Maybe she's left handed! (A very special breed he he!)