Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ducks and Doe a deer

What a beautiful day it was today! Sunny Sydney at it's spring best. The first free Saturday in a while and we were drawn to the outdoors, spending lots of the day at Narrabeen - on the lake side with a few ducks - known as 'Duck Park' to our girls. Just gorgeous!

Lucy is well, although her temperature crept up to 37.3 this evening - we're hoping that it comes right on back down again as a trip to emergency for re-admission is not what we want. I missed a dose of her antibiotics today as we were out all day and I forgot to take the bottle with us (the first medicine dose I've missed!!) so am feeling a bit anxious about that. I spoke to a nurse on the ward who said not to worry about it, and not to worry about making it up. It's the last day on her course of antibiotics, so hopefully she will be fine...

The girls are currently obsessed with The Sound of Music. Madeline is particularly taken with it, asking to watch "Doe a deer" pretty much every day. We are constantly regaled with renditions of You are 16 going on 17, Doe a deer and Favourite Things and discussion about who is whose favourite of the Von Trap children. Lucy is babbling a lot - lots of 'da, da, da' and 'na, na, na' (I'm working on 'mama'). We're wondering whether her first intelligible words might end up being "Doe a deer"! It would not be surprising given the exposure she's had!

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