Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home again! All is well with Lucy - her foot is back to normal and we are just giving her some oral antibiotics. Back on the programme of clinic visits to monitor Lucy's bloods as they fall after having the chemo. Hopefully no more fevers and a bit more time at home.

Feeling overwhelmed by kindness at the moment - today we had lovely people mow the crazy lawn for us and weed our front garden! Also, a few weeks ago we were told of a proposed increase to our rent (no, not so kind...). I wrote to ask for a slightly smaller increase due to our circumstances, and today we were advised that the landlord has refused our request (also not so kind.). But, someone at the Real Estate Agent (we can only guess that it's the owner, but maybe not) who heard of the property manager's turmoil at having to break the news to us has incredibly kindly offered to cover the different between what we offered to pay and what the landlord is demanding for 6 months!!! That is really quite stunning, especially as the proposed increase is actually greater than what we were originally advised!!

I often stress about the house thing, and the thought of having to move right now sends me into a spin. We can't afford to buy a house anywhere around here, but we cannot contemplate moving away - now more than ever. We are so thankful for this kindness shown by someone who we have never even met. Jaw droppingly stunning as I said before! Still can't quite believe it.

Must go to bed after a long day, visiting the clinic tomorrow with Jasmine and Madeline in tow. They love going to 'hospital care' which is child care at the hospital for siblings, run by gorgeous volunteers, and it's nice to involve them in the process and to stay kind of together for the day.

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