Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well we are still at home and Lucy is well!!

The doctor even suggested on Friday that perhaps her blood levels wont completely bottom out this round at all, considering that as of then her neutrofils were still relatively high, haemoglobin stable and just platelets low. She had a transfusion on Friday and may need another one this week, but otherwise all is excellent. We are hoping for another hospital free week - well free from being an inpatient - just visiting the clinic as required to keep an eye on how things are progressing. Pray those fevers stay away!

My back is still sore, but having seen the chiropractor a few times it is starting to settle down. I'm trying to remember to flex/tense all the right muscles and to bend and move the right way. I must say that having a sore back makes me feel quite vulnerable and wobbly - both physically and emotionally. Have shed a few more tears this week than in the last little while, and had a good ol' cry meeting a new little bubba this morning. Not because I didn't want to meet him (and by the way he is gorgeous Neil and Kirrily!) but I suppose it just makes me think about childbirth and all that and brings back all those thoughts and feelings associated with Lucy's birth. Add in some back pain, a talk at church about suffering, God's care and deliverance in our suffering (as opposed to deliverance from suffering) and for me tears were just inevitable! Oh well....

This afternoon we enjoyed a relaxed birthday lunch for Adam's sister at the Burkes and now all the little ones are tucked up safe in bed. I've been trying to rustle up some energy to finish off a few little dresses I've been sewing for Jasmine and Madeline, but just can't do it. Think I shall go to bed instead. I've got 4 more days till Jasmine's birthday on Thursday when I really must have hers done! Hope you had a great weekend.

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