Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm glad to report that this week has been quite a normal week (so far!), if that's what we can call it.... I've cooked a bit (pear and rasberry bread in the oven as I type!), we've all slept in the same house for almost a week, I got to go to Bible study on Tuesday for the first time in ages, even got to sew a bit and make an incredibly stylish new laptop bag for trips to the hospital! Stories have been read, the trampoline jumped upon and dining table sat around. A few melt downs and tantrums to keep it real, and even a free dinner on Willoughby Council at the opening of the Spring Festival on Saturday night!

Lucy and I have been going to the oncology clinic for checkups and she is doing very well. No fevers in sight, and her counts are just starting to go down. It's likely she will need a platelet transfusion on Friday but otherwise everything is still pretty high. Today she has delightfully pink cheeks and nose which always draw many comments at the hospital. Once they know it's not because she's sick, it's all gooing over how cute she is! She certainly is a social little creature, protesting loudly when I don't position her pram where she can 'talk' to people like Donna on the desk at the clinic, or when everyone else at home has finished their meal and she gets left behind in her highchair in the dining room. She's also perfecting her throwing arm, and most toys are given the chuck from the highchair or pram.

My biggest struggle at the moment is with my back, which is still pretty sore. Am being held together by my trusty belt which I wear all the time (even to bed!). It's difficult to sit for any length of time and driving is quite uncomfortable. Lifting Lucy in and out of bed/the car/off the floor is pretty tricky so am trying to keep it all to a minimum. Hopefully it will get more stable soon, and I'll simply have to get back into strength exercises.

Hope you are enjoying the lovely sunny patches!
love Liz

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Lionel and Fiona said...

Yay for the mundane (and meltdowns)!!! Sorry to hear your back has deteriorated. Not surprising given where you've been sleeping and what you've been carrying (literally as well as figuratively). You are doing soooooo well, good and faithful servant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are certainly inspiring me to be practising for heaven a little more enthusiastically. Fxxxx