Monday, August 2, 2010

Can't Sydney just be glorious in winter?! Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and I was all set to spend a day with Emma, Jasmine and Madeline going to church and then just hanging out together, starting some birthday preparations for our Little Miss (nearly) One Year Old. To my great surprise and joy Lucy got a gate pass from the hospital for the afternoon, and Adam brought her home for a couple of hours.

Everyone played at home - including Lucy who got to play outside on the new picnic rug - and I even got to start sewing some little things for Miss L as did Emma and Jasmine. All will be revealed later... Lucy even had to don a sunhat for her jaunt outdoors it was so sunny (and apparently chemo makes you sensitive to sunlight!). Just lovely. Sadly I left my camera at the hospital so I couldn't take any pictures! I then stayed up way too late continuing my sewing - so hard to stop when you're on a roll!

The reason Lucy got to go out was that all of a sudden her neutrofils popped up to 0.1. 0.2 is the magic number for being discharged, and though I was trying not to get my hopes up, I'm very disappointed that today they haven't reached 0.2. Just keep doing what we're doing is the conclusion of the doctors. Lets pray pray pray those neutrofils keep rising - at least so she gets home for her birthday on Thursday.

Emma and Jasmine are really missing Lucy - there were lots of tears when she had to return to the hospital yesterday, and lots of talking about her and how much they want her home. Emma woke up about 11.30pm all a bit sad, and eventually went back to sleep in my bed clutching her photo of Lucy. I forget sometimes that as well as being rather put out that Adam and I aren't around all the time, they really do miss Lucy, the little sister they love to bits, being around.

I hope you got to enjoy your sunny Sunday too,
love Liz

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