Friday, July 30, 2010

All looks about the same but just waiting on todays blood results. I'm feeling a bit defeated on the home front and like I've lost my place there a bit. I went home last night and it was just difficult. In their own way everyone was pushing the boundaries (Emma didn't want to wear her school uniform to school, Jasmine fluffing around taking forever to eat breakfast and get dressed, Madeline hitting her sisters and pretending she couldn't hear me talking to her....). Not that bad in the great scheme of possible behaviours, but after many many days of the same things being issues before Lucy was sick, and with my whole new lack of patience I just feel icky after I spend half my time at home being cranky mum. Mmmmmm...

Of course we did have some nice time now that I think about it. As always, reading books is a great way to head off some unpleasant behaviour and spend nice time together doing something constructive. Maybe I should just write on my hand in big letters "READ BOOKS" when I go home so I don't forget, particularly if it's raining like it was yesterday. Baby Brains is always a big hit with my kids for some reason. We're also enjoying A Proper Little Lady and Not a Nibble sent to us recently by the lovely Davis' - thank you!... what are you reading??

I'm very grateful to Mum for staying at the hospital yet again last night as Adam got stuck in Dubbo. Thankfully Lucy slept well and was happily sitting up in bed clapping and banging her drum when I arrived. At least she doesn't yell at me! I'm sure I'll be stressed in the future if Lucy is particularly delayed with speech, but some days I'm very grateful that she can't talk yet.... (is that bad to say?....).

Enough moaning, here are some pictures.

It is so wonderful to feel safe in the hands of our Father who knows us and loves us - and whilst I cannot imagine life without Lucy, or imagine how we will get through the next 4 or 5 months or longer, or if she relapses after getting into remission, what a comfort to know God promises to sustain and care for us and our family and give us what we need.

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