Sunday, July 18, 2010

All went reasonably well with the needle, she was asleep at the time so at least she wasn't crying before the needle from being held down. I think that being held down is actually the thing she objects to most. The needle obviously woke her up, but after a brief cry was quite happy. Once again not much of a reaction and we were able to come home a few hours later. We have to give her eye drops a few times a day, as a common side effect of the high dose cytarabine chemotherapy is sore and itchy eyes. She HATES having the eye drops, and is quite an expert at screwing them shut tight. Thankfully we only have to do them for a few days.

Anyway, we are back at the clinic on Tuesday, I will try and get my act together with some pictures tomorrow!

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers,

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