Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This little girl is amazing! Lucy is continuing to go well, with a good report card from the clinic. Bloods are going well (no need for any transfusions today) and she is still well, free from any infections or other troubles. Her white cells are dropping which is to be expected after the doses of chemo, so she will become more susceptible to sickness over the next week which is a bit of a dud because I'm sick! Not feeling too bad now, but last night and this morning was feeling decidedly unwell.
I think as a result of feeling unwell I've also felt a bit overwhelmed by everything and wanted to hide in a hole for a while. It's probably good that having 4 children (and a husband!) doesn't allow too much opportunity for that, and I'm feeling more positive and together this afternoon. I think my mood is often a bit weather dependent so yesterday's miserable grey clouds didn't help. Hooray for sunshine and blue sky today!!

I've been feeling the lack of pictures the last few days so here are some of Lucy at home yesterday....

And here are Lucy's bravery beads!

Cure our Kids runs this programme to reward children with cancer for the immense courage they need to undergo treatments. Each time your child undergoes a treatment they are entitled to another bead (see the index below too) so as time goes on the child will gain an increasingly decorative set of beads representing all of the courageous steps they've taken. Lucy might be a bit little to understand all this now, so for the moment they can be parents bravery beads! When she's older we can show and explain them to her. How lovely is that!

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