Thursday, July 1, 2010

We made it home!

Lucy has been doing so well, with blood levels rising to a point where the medical staff were happy for her to come home for a few days before the second cycle of chemo starts next week. Hooray!

So, late yesterday afternoon (Wed) Lucy and I packed up the not inconsiderable pile of belongings we had accumulated in our 3 1/2 week stay in hospital and came home for a few days. Well Lucy didn't help much, but we had about 3 pram loads of stuff, including a couple of big bags of medicine and supplies, together with a timetable for her medication! See our new "Lucy's medicine cupboard" below!

One night a few weeks ago when Lucy was in the hospital I came home one night to be with the girls, I got all a bit upset as I lay reading with Emma, missing the little person who was supposed to be in the cot in the room they share making the gorgeous talking noises that she does. Last night as I came to read the last chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Emma whispered "She's back here with us" with a big smile on her face. And it was so lovely to lie reading and hear Lucy babble and gradually fall off to sleep as she always used to.

Today we took the opportunity to visit Early Ed (where we take Lucy for early intervention services) to show off her new sitting and getting up on all fours abilities. Otherwise we spent a delightfully normal afternoon at home with Grandma, and a visit from Nanna and Poppa. And now there are 4 little chickens tucked up safe in their beds, and for a few days we can enjoy
some together time.
Below is a picture of a chair I have been rebuilding at my now finished upholstery course (well one of 6) and of which I'm very proud! Now I just need to find some time to sand back and refinish all the chairs....anyone handy with a sander? I think we'll just sit on them in their current state and worry about sanding sometime down the track.


Pip said...

That's fantastic that you can have a few days at home all together. Have been praying for Lucy and will continue to do so throughout her treatment. Pip and Rob.

Jenny said...

Well done, clever girls, to be able to come home for a few days. Very impressive! Hope you enjoy your few days together.

Lionel and Fiona said...

Thankyou for giving me such a lovely picture of you reading the final Charlie chapter to Emma with Lucy babbling in the background. Shut that medicine cabinet and enjoy a few more normal days with the family before the next onslaught. "When I am afraid, I will trust in you" Ps 56:3 - am guessing you're spending a lot of time in Psalms these days. Fxx

Mardi said...

Tell Lucy that she is a clever girl to time her ability to come home with Emma's school holidays, so that you can have all the girls together. I hope it is wonderful and treasured by all xxx