Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lucy is going well with her chemo this time - about to get a big needle in the bottom, so maybe she wont be happy after that. If she's well, there is a chance we could come home this afternoon!

Yesterday was a bit frustrating and I had a few moments of sitting down breathing deeply while I got over myself. Sharing a room is a bit tricky, and I was starting to feel like I wasn't being given enough information from the staff about where things are at, having to chase things myself. Anyway, I calmed down and now all is ok, I even got to have a bit more of a talk with the fellow and asked for more information about the bone marrow biopsy.

It was a bit of a hard night with a lot happening in the ward, and our little room mate was a bit unhappy, but thankfully Lucy slept really well and wasn't bothered by the crying or yelling or constant beeping of machines as their alarms went off. We did sleep in till almost 8am though.

Lucy has been pretty unbothered by the chemo this time, except for a bit of a vomit yesterday. No rash in sight so that's good. Anyway, better go as the big needle is on it's way....

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