Monday, July 26, 2010

On Sunday afternoon Lucy spiked a fever and we had to return to the hospital. We're back on the Camperdown Ward, and Lucy is less than excited to be here. Lots of crying and being generally unhappy.

We are sharing a room again (with a teenage boy!) which makes everything a lot more stressful. It means I'm a lot more concerned about Lucy crying, especially at night (which she did at length and considerable volume at 3am this morning having wet through all her clothes!) and the daytime routine is much harder. She had to have lots of observations overnight as she was on antibiotics and also having blood transfusions as her platelets were down to 7 (lowest ever) and haemoglobin down to some low level I can't remember. She's currently asleep in the pram as the bed was just too light and noisy.

Please pray her fever would stay down, and that she'll respond quickly to antibiotics if there is an infection and that she'd recover her happy temperament! I don't feel like I'm coping very well in the hospital any more so please ask for patience and the ability to hold it all together for me...

Anyway, sounds like she's waking up so I'd better go sort her out.

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John McKerlie said...

Hi Liz,

We really loved our time with you and Lucy at the hospital today. We think you are both very brave and the shared room is certainly another challenge. We pray for an improvement in Lucy's health and if she does have to stay in hospital that a single room will become available. Love to all of the Burkes