Friday, July 9, 2010

Home again for the weekend! Lucy has had the first 2 days of this cycle of chemo and has been allowed out for the weekend. She came out in quite an impressive rash today, as a result of the medicine, but it has calmed down now and she's doing ok. She also had her first "asparaginase" which is a big needle in your bottom! For some reason this particular drug needs to go into a muscle rather than through the central line. A lot of screaming apparently... Lucky for me Dad was on duty for that one!

The last few days Lucy has been doing a lot of refusing of breastfeeding, and I'm thinking we might be on our last legs in that regard. She had a bit of a feed tonight, but not much otherwise today or the last few days. I can tell my supply is dwindling, so it all might come to an end soon. I have found there is always a little grief when I finish feeding a bubba, just that that special time between us is over, and particularly with Lucy who is our last one (as far as we know or plan....) this could be it for me. I felt ridiculous when I got a bit teary when I asked the nurse if I could speak to the oncology dietitian as Lucy was refusing being fed! Anyway, she's given us some special formula for kids at risk due to medical conditions to try to get her used to. I will try and keep expressing for a bit and put it on her weetbix or something. Who knows, maybe she'll get back into it, or not.

The girls spent a great day today with the Johnstons who went crazy and took them (and their own kids!) to the Aquarium on the bus! The kids hadn't been there before (had to do some last minute coaching about what an 'aquarium' is and what lives in one! - Jasmine's guess was "aquaries"). They had an absolutely fantastic time - thanks so much Cameron and Karina, that was brave and wonderful of you!

I finished my 'vintage' quilted picnic rug yesterday - probably one of the roughest jobs I've done, but I love it nonetheless. Fabrics from my grandma's and Adam's mum. Love that part the best! Maybe it can get it's first run on the weekend.

I've been feeling incredubly tired this week, and a bit flat generally. I was thinking as I drove out to Westmead the other day that I've had about enough of this now - but there's at least 5 months to go! I've been having lots of chats with other parents, and I think I've got to my limit of hearing other hard stories for the moment. It's getting a bit overwhelming! The last family I met had to go to France to have their son's tumour removed and have radiotherapy because noone in Australia had the extertise to treat the particular tumour he had (there are drs who treat adults with the same condition, but none to treat a child!). I spent a fair bit of time hiding away in our room yesterday and today even while Lucy slept which gave me a bit of a break! Hopefully time together as a family will fill me up (as well as the kids and Adam) to keep going next week. Note to self: grace for today, mercies new every morning.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Mardi said...

Liz, I hope you have a wonderful weekend that brings everyone lots of joy. Your blog is very special to read, and though I am not sure quite how you find the time, please know how amazing you are with the walk you are sharing with us.
Sending a cyber hug xxx