Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're back at the hospital, and Lucy has already had her bone marrow biopsy and her first dose of the second round of chemo. It's been a very long day - we arrived at 7.20am and didn't get into our room till about 4.30pm. Lots of sitting around but not much sleep (by Lucy!). Oh well, she's in bed now drifting off to sleep while I write.

This round of chemo is much much higher dose than last time, and we can already see some reactions - a bit of a rash on her tummy and red itchy eyes. All very common and to be expected I'm told. I'm not sure how likely it is that we'll get to go home on Friday - I suppose time will tell!

It was great to spend almost a week at home with everyone. Yesterday I had the day on my own with all the kids (first time in a while) and we had a lovely relaxed day, even managing to pull off making cupcakes, about which everyone was very pleased. In true girl form, there was also a fair amount of drawing and colouring, some barbie action, a bit of telly, everyone's current favourite of toasted sandwiches for lunch, with a great roast dinner when we finally made it to the Burkes' for dinner and a sleepover. Here are some gratuitous pictures of the girls.... sorry, none of Lucy this time!

Madeline wanted to double dip the beaters to continue the licking fun!

Yellow icing was ordered, with sprinkles and hearts to decorate.

On arriving back in the ward this afternoon Lucy said hello to all the nurses and was appropriately happy and smiley. Don't you just love it when your kids are nice to other people?! When Jasmine was little she went through a (fairly long) period of being very un-keen to look at or be held by anyone other than me. Gladly she did get past that and is probably now our most social little person who doesn't think twice about striking up conversation with anyone she crosses path with. I'm very grateful though that Lucy doesn't yet seem to be showing any signs of clingyness or separation anxiety - it makes for a much easier time in hospital! Combined with great sleeping ability (at least at night) she's a model patient really.
I feel like I'm getting to know a few parents around the place as we continually find ourselves in the same places at the same time. In recovery today I met another mum whose 17 month old son was diagnosed with leukaemia 2 weeks ago. It was interesting to talk about our different recent experiences. Another mum whom I met before was talking about the tumours her daughter has that they don't know how they will respond to chemo. Full on conversations, and so often I just don't know what to say. Sometimes I almost don't want to have them - it feels like I can barely deal with my own situation, let alone take on, even just by listening, to other distressing stories. They are a long way from your general park or playground chat! Please pray that I will be sensitive and good at listening, and somehow point people to the amazing God we know and trust with our lives and the lives of our children.
I still sometimes do a bit of a double-take as I take in the reality of being in this place where all the children I see have cancer. I found out the other day that while 45,000 adults will be diagnosed with cancer in NSW this year, only about 250 children will be diagnosed with a form of cancer in the same period. Cancer is overwhelmingly an adults disease, but for some reason a small number of children end up with it, the majority having leukaemia.

And our little Lucy is one of them.
Please keep her in your prayers, I am a bit apprehensive about what this big dose of chemo will bring. She's so little - which in some way makes coping with the procedures less difficult, but ... she's so little! Such a treasure, we love her so much.
I hope you are all enjoying the school holidays and whatever change they bring to you! I am in great need of a cup of tea so will sign off for now.

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Lionel and Fiona said...

Keep going Lizzie. Keep talking, listening, trusting, persevering, crying, loving and making cupcakes. And above all, keep hoping. Love you all. Fxxx