Monday, July 5, 2010

What a lovely, perfectly ordinary weekend! Dinner and an evening with the fabulous Draneys on Friday, Pancakes on Saturday (please excuse the PJ's in the picture...), followed by Emma's soccer match, then a birthday party in the afternoon. We had a relaxed evening at home, and Adam hired a movie (but it was too scary for me - seriously I reckon PG is about my limit these days and anything in the 'thriller' genre is just ridilculous!). On Sunday we were thrilled to be able to go to church as a whole family! So lovely to see our friends and learn and encourage one another. I even got to go shopping in the afternoon for a little bit and buy a few bits and pieces. Of course there was also a fair bit of football watching by the boy of the house.

Lucy is going great guns! We visited the oncology clinic at the hospital on Friday, and all her blood levels are continuing to rise. I had noticed (well it was hard to miss!) that since her blood transfusion on Wednesday Lucy had had very red cheeks. She wasn't hot but just very red. On Friday it became apparent that perhaps she wasn't quite as in need of the extra blood as the doctors had thought.... no matter, she's just chock full of red blood which will come in handy in the next few weeks.

The skin around Lucy's central line has been quite red and sore looking the last week or so, and she definitely doesn't appreciate people mucking around with the dressing. I had my first go at changing it over the weekend, and thankfully it's all looking a lot less angry. The community nurse will come today and change it all again and just check that it's ok.

We will be back at the hospital on Wednesday morning (7.30am!!!) for a bone marrow biopsy and then, if there is a bed available, she will start the next round of chemo. This time she has 2 days of treatment, 5 days off, then another 2 days of treatment. As always, it's 'wait and see' in terms of how much she will need to be in hospital, but it's a much much bigger dose of stuff this time, and the doctor has warned that by the day 6 or 7 mark she might be quite unwell. It's unreal that she's tolerated the first round of chemo so well, so keep praying that she might continue to do so, even with this bigger dose.

The girls have loved having Lucy home, and today we are spending the day at home with Grandma - so far not too many arguments or injuries.....

Will update again soon, love Liz


J said...

Liz, this is so wonderful for you to have your whole family together and that Lucy is doing so well.

Tim & Katrina Earnshaw said...

YAAAAAY! What a lovely weekend! You all look very happy at the brekkie table. Will be praying for Wed, the early start, and biopsy, and smooth dealings with hospital. Will they want to keep her in for the 5 days between the 2 treatments?