Thursday, July 15, 2010

We're back! Today a bed became available and we returned to hospital for the next part of Lucy's chemo treatment. We are a little bit disappointed that this time we are in a double room (not sure how that works with a baby!) but hopefully it will be ok. Is it ok to pull the curtain and not talk to the other people if you don't want to? I assume it is, but so far it's all a bit unknown. Adam is there tonight after an aborted trip to Bathurst, so maybe he can give me the lowdown in the morning....

The best news we had was that Lucy's bone marrow biopsy results from last week were really good. The doctor advised today that no leukaemia cells were visible in the marrow. This doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't any there, but it means they are not at a level that can be detected. These next cycles of chemo are to get rid of any remaining leukaemia cells, and to try and stop them coming back.

So anyway, it's the best news we could hope for at this stage, praise God!

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