Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi there, sadly I'm writing this post from the comfort of my couch at home, rather than the hospital. Lucy is still well, but unfortunately there were no beds available in the oncology ward today! Feeling a bit frustrated and like we just want to get on with it, but the doctor assured me that waiting a couple of days will not be detrimental to Lucy's treatment. Apparently the reason for the break in the middle of this cycle of chemo is because often children with Down Syndrome are quite sensitive to this large dose. This break in the middle is to help them cope with it better, and another day or two isn't a problem. Obviously we have to trust the doctors in this (and the whole treament!).

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow a bed will become available and we will be able to get going. I will write again when we get there. Please pray Lucy will keep tolerating the chemo well, and that any reactions (like the rash she got last week) will be kept to a minimum.

Love to you all,

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John McKerlie said...

Our prayers and thoughts are with you all.

Love Diane & John McK