Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well it looks like Lucy has kicked the fevers and is doing ok on that front, but sadly we wont be able to leave hospital until her neutrofils (kind of white blood cells) start to pick up. She has 0 at the moment, and needs to get up to 0.2 before she could possibly go home, and up to 1 before she can start the next round of chemo. She may surprise us and start producing some soon, or it could take a while (like another week or so). Her other white cells have increased a little bit today, so it may be that the neutrofils will follow soon.

I seem to have left the cord to attach the camera to the computer at home so I can't add a photo from today - but just imagine Lucy having fun playing her doggy xylophone....

I'm very grateful for visits from , Nicola, Julianne, David and Vic over the last few days - they do much to lift my spirits and encourage my heart on this long road, so thank you for making the big effort to come. Lucy doesn't mind seeing you either!

It's hard to believe but it's Lucy's 1st birthday next week. If she's well she'll be having chemo which is a bit of a bummer, but hopefully she wont be feeling unwell. We're trying to work out what we can do to celebrate in here with the family (lets face it, the 1st birthday is more for the family than the child isn't it!). Maybe just a little cake.... It feels completely wierd to me that it has been a year since Lucy's birth. A crazy, difficult, heart wrenching, joyful, encouraging year. So many things come to mind as I reflect on the last year. So much has happened and life has changed so much. In God's kindness we are all still standing, learning to take things one day at a time, trusting in Him to give us what we need, which He does in abundance.


Anonymous said...

I will pray for Lucy to get better, it is great that you give updates on Lucy thanks.

Just thought to send this because everytime I read it sounds like it has been another day of chemo which is great to read it too.

Great to hear that you keep this up and running well done Liz. Lisa McKerlie

Anonymous said...

So thankful to God for the gift of knowing your precious Lucy Joy. Cannot believe she is almost one- can no longer remember the world before Lucy Burke wide-mouthed, crinkly-eyed smiles!!!!! :)

Praying for you all and for Lucy's bloods to 'do their thing' :) Lots of love...Karin and Baden xx