Thursday, October 14, 2010

We're in!

Well we've made it into hospital!

This morning's blood test showed Lucy's neutrophils have popped up to a level that means she can have her next course of treatment. We are ever so grateful to have scored a fantastic single room in the ward, especially as we will be here for at least a week. This round is 7 days, whereas previous rounds have only been 4 days. Hopefully we will be able to go home again when the chemo finishes.

Please pray for us all as we do the family juggle for the time we are in hospital, and for Lucy as she faces chemo again. She's tolerated it all so well so far, but with each new round there is the possibility she will not do so well. This time she also has a different drug that she's not had before. Although it's usually tolerated quite well by the kids, it's another variable and unknown for us. So far so good - she's sleeping soundly beside me.

I just watched an amazing game of netball to round out the Commonwealth Games. Such a shame to ultimately see the Aussies go down in double extra time! A fantastic game nonetheless. That jolly NZ GA just would not miss a goal!! I used to be a netball player - I don't think my back would let me play again (for the moment at least!) - and I'm am just always astounded by how big and athletic the players are. But I did also feel that familiar irritation with the umpires getting a bit whistle happy and not letting the game flow. Mmm, maybe better I'm not playing and just watching....

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