Monday, October 18, 2010

Back where we started!

Knocking down block towers with gusto!

It feels oddly like we've come a full circle, as Lucy was moved yesterday into the room we had when she was first diagnosed and where we had our longest stay in the hospital. It's a room sponsored by the police - complete with lights - and a mural on the wall. A large "PLEASE DO NOT USE BATHROOM" sign is a little disconcerting, but otherwise it feels a bit like coming home.....well only a really little bit - maybe 'home' is the wrong word - more like coming back somewhere familiar. I am glad to say that as I sit in the chair I typed so many of those early posts, I don't have the same sense of fear or anxiety as I did then, which is a great testimony to God's grace and kindness both to Lucy and to me.

She is continuing to tolerate the chemo well, although noticeably tired and just not as sparky as usual. Not grumpy, but not full of beans like she normally is. For some reason I have a feeling she might lose more of her hair this time, but that is not based on anything at all other than a gut feeling, and of course that may just be indigestion. Wait and see.

We had a really good day at the hospital on Saturday with all the girls. They loved playing in the playground, and especially liked the Starlight Room. I even met a volunteer who works with my old boss at the Anglican Diocesan head office! Emma has rekindled a great interest in beado's or hummer beads (the things you make patterns with then iron to melt them all together). A professional musician came to the Starlight Room in the afternoon to do music with the kids which Jasmine particularly enjoyed, and Madeline just thought jumping on the bean bags and watching a movie projected on the wall was amazing. We even got to have the night at home together thanks to my wonderful mum, which was just lovely.

Madeline had pre-school orientation today, and, as expected, was quite difficult to extract at the end of the time there. She is terribly keen to go, and was very excited to have 'a little visit' today. Lucy's extra grandparents the McKerlies came to play at the hospital so I could go with Maddie to pre-school, and I think everyone had a lovely time! Adam is away for a few nights this week so please pray for us and the girls with all the juggling, and for the Burkes as they have the girls for the nights Adam is away and I'm at the hospital. They seem to cope very well with it all, but Emma is a bit unwell and also the most affected by all the disruption. We're hopeful to be out of hospital on Thursday or Friday, assuming Lucy is still well.

Thanks for keeping up with us on this journey, love to you all.

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