Friday, October 8, 2010

Not my best day

It started with the sad news of the death of someone I knew of from cancer - a wife and mum of 2 little boys who died after a 2 year battle with the disease.

We were then advised that there was a bed available for Lucy, but on having her blood tested at the hospital found that her neutrophils (type of white cell) have still not recovered enough to start the next round of chemo. I really didn't feel like going to the hospital today, but after getting it together to sort out the other girls and get there, the news that we weren't to start treatment today was a real let down.

The doctor advised that he thought an earlier higher count of Lucy's neutrophils may have been an error (esp considering that all other bloods were on the way down). This far through treatment, it's likely that her bone marrow is 'tired' after being blasted so many times, and just taking a bit longer to recover. Hopefully it will be recovered enough to blast again (!) next week.

Have just been feeling low, tired and head achey this afternoon and evening, lacking in energy for anything much at all. The last 2 days I've also been thinking about the future again, and feeling a bit anxious about the prospect of Lucy's leukaemia coming back or relapsing. I haven't been feeling anxious about the future for some time, but for some reason it's been on my mind a bit. Clearly still learning to take each day at a time, and trust God with all our days.

Hopefully a good sleep will help and tomorrow will be brighter.


Tim & Katrina Earnshaw said...

Praying for you, my love.

Don't know what else to say...

Anonymous said...

When I read this have to say how sad this was, not sure if they had downs syndrome but just the cause of cancer.

Will be praying tonight for them and for you guys too, a great way to communicate via blog well done Liz.

Lisa McKerlie