Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soggy sausages

Sorry for the gap between posts... just couldn't get here this week.

We are fine - Lucy is well, with no fevers so we have thankfully been at home.

In an effort to avoid the troop of 'trick or treater's' who invariably knock on our door on October 31 only to be disappointed, this afternoon we headed to Bronte beach for an evening bbq. We had thought to have a little walk along the Bondi to Bronte walk and see some of Sculptures by the Sea, but ended up being all a bit late. Anyway, all was going well (despite lots of traffic on the way!) with much fun at the playground, and Madeline especially enjoying chasing birds.
Bit of a fun (for Lucy) swing which was probably a little close to the sand for a girl in her situation (ie with a central line and dressing!).

However, just as we started to bbq the heavens opened! Poor old Adam faithfully cooked the sausages in the rain whilst we girls huddled in a shelter. What a man!

So we didn't get to see any sculptures, but I think the girls enjoyed it anyway.

Lucy has started to lose her hair again (which she hasn't since the first cycle of chemo) and I am finding that quite hard. Though I've always known it could happen I think I got quite used to the idea that it wouldn't. She lost a fair bit at the beginning, but was never even close to bald, and lately it has all been growing back quite well. Maybe it's the different drug she had this time, but it looks like she will lose a fair bit :(

Adam is away a couple of nights this week, so your prayers would be appreciated - both that Lucy would stay well and that I would cope alright, and that Adam would be safe. I am finding things at home to be hard work, especially with a certain pair of girls who are 3 and 5 respectively! Anyone got any foolproof methods to stop sibling arguing (esp at 6am!). We are all weary and at times overwhelmed, so please pray we would persevere and hold onto God's unchanging grace and trust in his faithful goodness.

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