Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scraping by

Well just scraping by this week.

Adam has been away and his trip has even had to be extended a night! Mum came to help on Monday, and after a trip to the clinic on Tuesday we headed to Killara for 2 nights with the wonderful Burkes. Home today for school orientation for Jasmine and Early Intervention with Lucy. Miss Lucy certainly knows her mind, and was seriously objecting to being encouraged to move and do things in the way the physio wanted her to move rather than her own way!

Lucy has now lost pretty much all her hair, which has been surprisingly difficult. I'll get a picture of her and her new 'do' soon - we haven't had the camera out much this week. We feel like it makes her look a bit younger, and it is probably better in the long run as her hair was getting a bit patchy. Anyway, it's a bit of an obvious, in your face reminder of what's been happening and that yes, she had leukaemia and we're giving her chemotherapy. Things we always knew of course, but she never looked like the other kids in the hospital with their baldy heads, so maybe subconsciously I didn't really consider her part of the 'club'. Going to the clinic on Tuesday made me realise in a new way that she really is in the same club.

It feels kind of silly to say all this, but I just keep learning that even if you know something is going to happen (or even likely to happen), you can never quite prepare for how you'll react when reality hits. Trying to learn to roll with the punches a little more and not be freaked out by my own reactions or anyone elses.....

More photos will come soon....


John McKerlie said...

Hi Liz, Please know that you are a hero. These days of early intervention are all special and very meaningful. Lucy will love you for ever for the efort you are putting in now and she will reward you with what she is learning.
The photo of Adam at the BBQ is "Father of the Year" stuff.
Love from Diane, John, Lisa & Karen

Anonymous said...

Love you bucket loads my friend and am astounded, encouraged and deeply humbled by your perseverance and honesty. Love Karin xx