Friday, November 26, 2010

We have a tooth! FINALLY after a long wait I noticed a little tooth is tentatively poking through Lucy's gum today. The other girls are very excited about this development and are keen to inspect. I'm pretty sure they will be disappointed. I'm always astounded at how long the little teeth take to fully emerge once they erupt.

Lucy was a bit happier today although spiked a fever again this afternoon. Hopefully it's just the chemo that is causing the fevers rather than an infection. It was only very mild and she was only a little bit grumpy this time. Still eating ok so that's good.

I've been reminded this week that although God doesn't promise us many things we think we'd like him to, one thing he does promise is that he'll never leave us. We are truly never alone. And as I read a children's version of Psalm 139 to Lucy today, I was reminded that every day of our lives is written in his book. It doesn't necessarily make the day easier, it's just good it's not a surprise to the God who made and loves us and promises not to leave us.

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