Monday, November 8, 2010

Well it was lovely to see the sun again today, especially after a pretty flat week. Feels a bit like we've hit a wall recently, but trying to look forward to the end of treatment. Technically Lucy is due to start the next (and last!) round of treatment on Thursday, but it's unlikely that her neutrophil count will be high enough meaning the treatment will be delayed.

Adam has had to go back to Mudgee today to fix up some faulty gear, and smooth some ruffled feathers. Grrrrrrr. Girls are a bit put out that he is away again, so please pray for them and for me as we get through the next few days. Not back to the hospital till Wednesday - it's nice to have a little longer away from the place although Lucy does keep threatening to take us back with temperatures staying in the mid 37's. Just as long as it doesn't go higher little girl!

Hope you got to enjoy the sun today before the storm!

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