Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well we're back in hospital and Lucy is hooked up with her last round of chemo. She was a little off yesterday, but otherwise going well. I am a bit sick with a cough and croaky voice meaning I can't be at the hospital right now - especially as we are sharing a room with a very sick little girl who really has no immune system - so Adam is there with Lucy. I haven't seen Lucy for over 24 hours and I'm missing her. Her little growly noise that she's been perfecting lately, her gorgeous cuddles and her smiley face. Such a treasure!

The other girls are going along well at home so thanks for your prayers for them too. I appreciate your prayers and support and love so very much, and more than ever right now.

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John McKerlie said...

Hi Liz, Sorry to hear you are sick and that you are missing Lucy (which is understandable). Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. Hope to see you soon. Love from The McK.