Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Home again

Hopefully this is the last time that we'll have to say this.... Round 6 of chemo is finished and Lucy's temperatures have subsided meaning we were allowed out this afternoon. Now we just have to watch and wait for Lucy's blood counts to fall and then recover again. Once recovered she will have a final bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture to check that everything is clear, and then we will move to a programme of monitoring to ensure that the disease doesn't return. I'm hoping the central line will be removed sometime during January

So it hopefully goodbye to Camperdown Ward.....

Lucy during the last round of chemo

with the lovely John and Dianne - not sure who enjoyed their visits more...

signing out for what we hope is the last time...

It's a good feeling to know the chemo side of things is finished, but at present I cannot honestly say there is any feeling of excitement. We still have to go very regularly for checks and then waiting for the final result. After that I suppose you learn how to live with the possibility of a relapse.

This whole process and life in general has taken it's toll on us. Physically, emotionally, everything. And yet I know that "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength" (Phil 4:13). I am deeply deeply grateful to our beautiful friends who through their words, actions and prayers God has used and is using to keep me standing. I'm also continually amazed and thankful to learn of people who I barely know or don't know at all who have been praying for us every day. Thank you so much. Such a wonderful expression of our fellowship in Christ and I feel privileged to be your sister and look forward to meeting you - either in this life or the one to come!

I don't know what the coming months and years will hold but know that I do not face them alone. God himself promises never to leave us, and in his kindness gives us each other to help carry each other's burdens, laugh and rejoice with each other and cry with each other. Personally I'm looking forward to a little more laughing and rejoicing.......

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justine said...

Dear Liz,
Justine and I are together at the moment and have been reading your blog for the first time this evening. Oh Liz, we are so sorry for all that your family have been through these past 6 months.
We sit here amazed by your strength and faith and by God who has carried you though.
You and Adam have 4 beautiful girls. What Gifts!