Friday, December 10, 2010

Still standing - thanks for your thoughts and prayers, we are deeply grateful.

Lucy is doing well - no fevers, platelets look to be recovering and haemoglobin stable. She will hopefully have her final bone marrow biopsy on Monday (if her blood results are good enough), and then assuming all is clear will be on the list to have her central line removed and she will just have fortnightly or monthly checkups!

She's also really taken off with crawling this week which is a great joy - both for her and the rest of us. She's very pleased with herself, and it's been a great diversion. Will try and get some video to post....

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John McKerlie said...

Great to hear all is well with Lucy. Love and best wishes to you all. Hope we can catch up over christmas. Did you see us in the Southern Cross??
Carols in McRaes Park tomorrow evening, Ho Ho Ho, sausages and love of Jesus, of course.
Love Diane, John , Lisa & Karen