Monday, October 4, 2010

A long weekend in the mountains!

Well we didn't think we'd pull it off, but it's happened! We've got to go away for a few days over the long weekend!! Lucy was threatening with temperatures of 37.5 on Wednesday and Thursday, but she stayed below the magic 38 and we got in a little holiday, which has been lovely!!

Saturday was a nice day and we took the girls horseriding in Megalong Valley and had a picnic a park at Blackheath. So much beautiful blossom everywhere, including in the front yard of the Russell's house where we are staying!

Sunday and Monday were very rainy and foggy so no little bush walks (besides a brief attempt by Adam and Peter and some of the kids which resulted in a very wet group of people), but we enjoyed time relaxing together and also with the wonderful Chapmans as we celebrated Madeline's 3rd birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE!!! The kids seemed to like the 'pinata cake' - it took quite a bashing before giving up it's treasure, and we had the lolly man make a special indoors appearance which was a bit wild, but Madeline had been talking about it for weeks so we couldn't disappoint....

Adam and I are still recovering from our sickness - both really tired and going to bed early, but mostly feeling ok in the day. The kids are all pretty good now, although Jasmine sustained a pretty impressive black eye by whacking her eye on the couch not long after we arrived here! We are so grateful that Lucy seems to have avoided any sickness!

Presuming Lucy's bloods have recovered sufficiently and there is a bed available she will start her next cycle of chemo on Friday. It is starting to feel a little bit like the home stretch now - this is round 5 of 6. Not that we know what happens when the chemo finishes really, but my vague understanding is that she will have regular checkups for a long time (hopefully getting further apart), and her central line will come out a few months after she finishes treatment.

For the first time I'm actually turning my mind to next year and contemplating what it will look like. Jasmine will start school, and Madeline will be starting at pre-school. Hopefully hospital appointments will be kept to a minimum and there will be no reappearance of any leaukaemia! Things at Early Intervention will be a bit different with Lucy graduating to a weekly group rather than fortnightly one on one appointments. Hopefully she will progress to crawling and ultimately walking although this may not happen till she's well over 2 years. We're also looking forward to seeing some teeth!

So it's all looking a bit different and hopefully a bit more back to 'normal'. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.... a few more things to get through this year first.

Hope you had a great long weekend too!

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