Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A rare event

Mmmm, temperature of 37.8 this evening.... Hoping that it goes down overnight, otherwise we're back in hospital! And after a good blood result today showing her platelets to be up a little bit, avoiding the need for a transfusion, that would be disappointing.

I thought I'd better take some photo's of Lucy in the bath - not just because she absolutely LOVES the water, but mostly because it's a bit of a rare event! As you can see she has a dressing (looking a little soggy in this pic!) over the entry site of her central line. When she has a bath I have to redo the entire dressing including retaping the line to keep it safely secured and with a bit of slack in case of little hands giving it a tug. It's very tricky to do without another adult around, so I usually only do it when Adam is with me, or when I'm feeling exceptionally capable and game! A friend told me recently that her son succeeded in pulling out his line a while ago so it does happen.... I finally figured out that if I tape the lines over her shoulder to her back then they don't dangle in the water and are out of reach. There should be some parents handbook with tips like that!

Anyway, we're looking forward to the end of treatment and to the day when her line finally comes out and she can have baths more easily, as well as go to the beach and swimming again. She simply loves the water and it's so lovely to watch her enjoying it. Check out those arm rolls!

Hoping the next post is NOT from the hospital!

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