Friday, June 11, 2010


Confronted with my first post it's a little hard to know where to start. I feel like I should all of a sudden be endowed with the ability to think of creative and witty titles and and write with flair and intelligent vocabulary. Let me say right now, up front, that even at my best I don't have those abilities, and at the moment, I'm struggling to string a sentence together. But of course my aim here is not to amuse but to share and inform.

As you know, our lives have recently been rocked by Lucy Joy's diagnosis of leukemia. I will attempt in this blog to fill you in a little on how things are going, things that we are doing, thinking, struggling with or triumphing through, things you can pray for and be thankful for. Thank you for coming on this journey with us, it is wonderful and overwhelming to know all the support we are receiving, and we want to be able to communicate with you well. Please forgive me for when I'm not good at keeping you up to date, but please keep sending messages, doing whatever your circumstances allows you to do - listening, talking, hugging, crying, laughing, cooking, playing with children or praying. We appreciate all these things (and many others too!) more than we can say.
This picture was taken on Tuesday, the day before we came to hospital to start treatment. What a treasure!
"Cast all your anxiety on Him for He cares for you" 1 Peter 5:7


bilkoala said...

We are praying for you Lucy Joy, and for all of you. Ruby is praying too. She says 'Lucy is very pretty and happy'. Love, Kath & Ruby xx

Ruth said...

We're praying for Lucy each day, the kids are praying as well. Thanks for the blog, it's great to hear updates. Thank you.

Sally said...

What a precious little poppet! We're praying. Lots of love to you 6. xxx

nomirussell said...

Love and Prayers.

Taking each step with you and praying that the treatment works a treat.

Our God is a good and gracious God.

K and N