Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday 24 June

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that Lucy has spiked her first fever. She woke around 5am very unhappy (she's also been a bit constipated which is a common side effect of chemo) with a temperature of 38.4 degrees. They immediately take some blood to find out what is happening, and in the meantime start her on a triple dose of antibiotics just to cover all bases till they know exactly what kind of infection she might have. She's gone back to sleep now, so please pray that she's not too uncomfortable and can rest well.

Jasmine and Madeline are coming to the hospital today to have bloood tests for tissue typing tests - ie if there becomes a need for Lucy to have a bone marrow transplant a sibling stands the best chance of being a potential donor. Hopefully this wont be necessary, but we are all being tested just so we know. Please pray they cope alright with the blood test and that at least one of us will be a good match with Lucy!!

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