Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday 25 June

Hi again, looks like Lucy's fever is back under control. She got up to 39 degreesn yesterday, but last night was back under 38 and this morning is at 36.2 so all good! She's still not quite herself and starting to look red around the eyes, but overall a lot happier than yesterday.

The girls did well with their blood tests. Maddie had a bit of a cry but Jasmine was a perfect patient! Not a worry or a tear in sight. She is definitely growing up, our nearly 5 year old. Of course all were appropriately rewarded with snakes and a knitted nanna teddy bear from the supply in pathology. They have to take HEAPS of blood for the test, so it actually took a while. I was very proud of both of them!

In the meantime lovely Anna gave Lucy a comforting cuddle - thanks for visiting Anna! Last night at home with the girls was lovely too (especially the yummy pie from Kirsty - thanks Kirsty, everyone loved it!), and Adam enjoyed nice cuddles here with Lucy. Jan from music therapy at Early Ed will be glad to know that the song Lucy responds to most at the moment from me when she's sad is the hello song we sing each week at music!

This running between the hospital and home is hard work and every now and then is getting the better of me. It seems almost mean that in their inability to express how they feel often the girls are pretty whingy and sad when I'm with them. Trying to be patient and focus on making time to do the things we always loved doing like reading and going to the park and jumping on the trampoline - some days are better than others, and sometimes I have to leave it to those into whose care I entrust our girls.

Trusting that ultimately this whole process will actually bind us closer to each other as a family and make us cling to God and his promises in Jesus as he binds us close to Him.

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