Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi again. What a gorgeous day! Lucy's first cycle of chemo has finished - above is a picture of the nurse disconnecting the lines while Lucy sits with our friend John. Today Lucy is line free! She even had the IV fluid line disconnected and we were able to go outside for a walk in the grounds with Lanthia and little Kara when they came to visit. It was so lovely to sit in the beautiful winter sun and feel the wind in our faces. Hopefully she will not need to be hooked up again for a bit - we just need to make sure she drinks enough. She's still perky and was happily playing in her cot practising the all important sitting! The other picture shows Lucy getting up on all 4's in the crawling position - another leap forward. For those who don't know, Down Syndrome affects a persons muscle tone, making gross motor skills more difficult to master. Lucy's main weakness is in her trunk, so getting the hang of sitting and getting up to crawling are big milestones. Yay! I think with all my children I have felt a sense of relief when they achieve new skills, but it's a little more concentrated with Lucy just cos I know she has to work that little bit harder.
It's amazing how different things look in the sunshine isn't it?! Last night I was a bit sad and anxious, deeply conscious of my weakness and weariness. But in God's kindness he reminded me that he is powerful, working in and through my weakness giving me his all sufficient grace (2 Cor 12:9). And Jesus tells us who are weary to come to him and he will give us rest. May you too find rest in his grace and power!

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