Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeling a bit frustrated today as we have been roomless nomads since 9am. It's now 2.30pm and we still don't have our room back after scheduled air conditioner maintenance for the fancy air conditioning system that is in this ward. Was only supposed to take between 1 and 3 hours. I know it's not the fault of the staff here, and of course it needs to be done for everyone's safety and welfare, but it's hard to relax when your stuff is loaded in Lucy's cot which is sitting in the hallway, and Lucy is confined to her pram and we have no space that is our own. We have been out for walks, had lunch with a friend and hung out in the parents room which until just now has always had others in it. When we first arrived noone was that keen on talking, but now I feel like I want to hide in the room so I don't have to talk to anyone for a while!

Lucy is still pretty happy, although neutrofils are down to 0.1 and haemoglobin down to 70, so she will have a blood transfusion this afternoon when we finally get back into our room.

She also acquired another nanna-rug this morning when I took a shower which she is modelling in the picture here. She was having great fun poking her fingers through the crochet holes. Very cute.

Some people have asked "what do you do with your days" type of questions. Kind of surprisingly there feels like there is a lot to do - feeding and caring for Lucy, giving her medication, doing her oral care, getting her to sleep, talking to nurses and doctors, so quite often I struggle to find time to have a shower and remember to eat myself. By the evenings I'm pretty tired so often just have some dinner, watch a little tv with not much interest, look at email or write here. Last night it was a privilege to see Nicola C and read the Bible and pray with her. Thanks so much Nic, it was a great encouragement!

Today I finally got to do a bit of embroidery while Lucy had a little sleep in the pram, which is on a screenprint from the gorgeous Prints Charming http://www.printscharming.typepad.com/.

Over the weekend I also enjoyed a bit of 'normal' time at home doing a bit of sewing and just hanging about with the girls. I think they enjoyed just being able to hang about as usual, knowing I was there pottering around with my fabric and sewing stuff as I sometimes do. Some time ago I cut up some old pillowcases that belonged to my grandmothers to make a quilt/picnic rug. I sewed together the top of the quilt on Sunday, and I am so looking forward to finishing it and taking it on it's first picnic. I'm loving the whole handmade thing, and re-using old things, especially things that belonged to people I love fills them with a whole extra layer of warmth and connection to the past. Maybe I'll show it to you when I get it finished, although I can't make any promises about when that might be!! So many people exclaim 'where do you find the time to make things?', but for me making things is fun and relaxing, I can do it at home in little bits as I have a spare half hour or when I decide to do it instead of cleaning the bathroom, and it makes me feel really good to complete something every now and then!

Well having said all that I'm feeling a good deal better though still not in our room. Thanks for all your prayers for the girls. Adam reported today that it feels like they are getting into the swing of things (the 'new normal'), and he spoke to Emma's school teacher who said Emma was going well at school after a few wobbly days when Lucy was first diagnosed. Maddie was a bit sad this morning, but brightened up quickly when she knew she was going to a friends place.

Ha! Just been told that our room is ready so we are off. Love to you all. Lx

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