Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday 26 June

The last few days have seen Lucy's temperature yo-yo a bit - she's spiked several times, but each time has responded quickly to panadol and it seems the antibiotics are at least controlling whatever is going on. It seems like this is likely to be the way things go for a bit. Thankfully she doesn't seem to have any of the mouth ulcers or nausea that is very common with chemo. Interestingly, the last 2 days Lucy's platelet and white cell counts have increased a bit, which I will be keen to ask the doctors about tomorrow. I suppose it could mean that she is already starting to recover after the chemo which is hopefully a good sign! But, I am not holding my breath on this and will just wait and see what they say.

Tonight Adam & I are both home with the other girls while mum holds the fort at the hospital. We have enjoyed a fun family night at church and now relaxing with a cuppa on the couch. Today I spent a good bit of time with Jasmine and Lucy at the hospital which was fun, Jasmine enjoyed being my 'helper' with Lucy and playing with her in the cot. There was also a bit of impromptu dancing to the Wiggles much to Lucy's bewilderment! We also had a nice visit with Ken and Nae and the kids this morning which was great, even if they all got a bit soggy in the damp playground.

Sadly we seem to be on a run of things breaking since Lucy has been in hospital! The latest of these (following the power circuit in the kitchen, hot water system) is my laptop - the cord won't plug properly into the computer so it won't charge up which is very frustrating... so if I'm not able to update for a few days please forgive me, although I'll try.

Thanks for reading and praying and your kind thoughts and actions. We are continually overwhelmed by it all. Adam is doing a great job keeping the home front going. Thanks to all particularly for your help with the girls and all the wonderful meals that are stocking up our freezer!

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