Monday, August 22, 2011

2 already!

Well it's been a long time between posts and I thought I'd just a little one now that Lucy is a big 2 year old (5 August)!

Lucy is going well - all blood tests since January have been fine. We had a little scare a few weeks ago when Lucy developed a rash which looked an awful lot like the one she had when first diagnosed with leukaemia, which indicated that her platelets were very low. I freaked out a bit, but went straight to the hospital the next day and had a blood test. It was the quickest blood result we've ever had - 15 minutes! The doctor fairly burst into the waiting room saying "It's ok, it's all ok, her platelets are fine! Everything's fine". It's easy to forget how much the doctors like giving GOOD news - especially in oncology. We have now graduated to 6 weekly checkups at the hospital, and hopefully the time between checks will just continue to increase as time goes by.

Anyway, other than that, she's been going very well. Almost walking, but a bit fearful about letting go. We're starting to work a lot more on speech things - this week's achievement is saying "boo" when I say "peeka.....". For months she's enjoyed covering her mouth (I think she likes to see what's going on so doesn't want to cover her eyes) but the last few days has been much more clearly saying "boo" - or something like it. At least getting a distinct "b" sound which means putting that jolly tongue in!

She's really taken off with actions to songs - current favourite is "Open, shut them" and "galloompf". Very cute hand actions. She still loves giving cuddles and blows a mean kiss.

Anyway, here are some pics of the big 2 year old

 Check out my new wheels!

 Strawberries - yum!


On holidays at Fingal Bay

If anyone is interested, I've started a new blog at which is just meant to be a fun way to record some of the arty crafty cooking type stuff I like to do with and for my girls and myself.

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