Monday, February 21, 2011


Well we did it! It was birthday week in our family, and our biggest girl Emma turned 7 on Friday! 7!
We had a special 'Disasterchef' birthday party with 9 of Emma's friends which was great fun. Needless to say I was completely wiped out for the rest of the weekend, but it was a good time and I think Emma had a ball, as did all her little mates. A special thanks to Lindsey and Nicola who worked themselves silly in the kitchen (even cleaning up when I couldn't move at the end of the party!) and Adam who did an excellent job entertaining the crowd between activities. Ultimate compliment - being asked by a dad if we'd got some company in to run the party!! No, no, just me and some friends! Will take bookings.....

Making mini pizzas

Aftermath of spaghetti relay - I told them that was the party food...they were strangely happy with that!
Choc coconut treats

My big 7 year old girl - seems like not long since I made her first birthday cake!

I am so very very proud of my beautiful girl Emma, who is a wonderfully sensitive and thoughtful person. She has a deep awareness of her failures (which can be quite hard to deal with as a parent!), but is learning the great value and freedom that comes with admitting them and trusting in the forgiveness freely offered by God through Jesus. She is such a treasure, and has and is learning to deal with all that life has thrown at her (which is quite a lot!) in her short life, and has a wonderful capacity to see and act on the needs of others. So often she reflects things to me that I've said or taught her in other contexts, in a way that just blows me away. Like me, Emma is learning to trust her loving heavenly Father every day, in every way, and I am so grateful for the way He holds onto her. Happy birthday gorgeous girl!

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Well done, you! Glad it was a huge success!